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Sunday 26 March 2017

Corrie weekly awards for March 20 - 24

Highway to the Danger Zone: Peter is sliding down the slippery slope, that same one that saw him cheating on Carla, the same one that turned him into a bigamist. He just can't resist a pretty face!

A woman scorned award: Chloe, obviously. Her picture is in the dictionary beside the word Nutbar!

So near yet so far award: Brian was at Oxford. At a Polytech. Still...

Musical Ambiance: Billy Joel's Always a Woman while Peter and Chloe flirted and then had it out, ultimately with him rejecting her advances, staying faithful to Toyah in the end.

Gullible award: Todd is really winding Phelan up about ghosts!

Fashion Fail: What the heck kind of blouse was Toyah wearing? Did she raid Emily's closet?

Long Night of the Soul award: Is Pat Phelan really feeling guilty about Michael and Andy's deaths? His chat with Billy seemed to indicate this. He's ok playing tricks on other people but he sure doesn't take it well if it's on him, especially when it's rubbing against a guilty conscience.

Fearsome award: I love it when Liz gets fierce and starts pointing that finger. I wouldn't mess with her.

Lines of the week:
Brian "It's a fool who gambles with the fates!"
Brian about Daniel "He's planting the Barlow flag at the very summit of accademic excellence"
Robert "Careful, Trace, all them sour grapes will flatten the champagne" Tracy "As if I'm jealous of Daniel. He should be studying Ancient Geek"
Tracy "I'm telling you. Trexit is not going to happen!"
Mary to Tracy "You'll get another job. You're smart, you're good with peop... You're smart."
Billy about Amy "I've got a feeling she can play a lot more than the violin" (You'd be right)
Rosie about an ex boyfriend "He was always telling people what a lovely pair I had" (and she thought it was her eyes!)

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abbyk said...

Dumbest Smart Guy in the Room: Ken for letting Daniel know that it's okay to leave Sinead to deal with the baby on her own, dissing Deirdre's memory within earshot of Tracy and Amy (yeah his back was turned but they live there so you turn around and check), and taking Chloe's story as gospel and then relaying it to Toyah without checking with Peter first. All in one week.

Things are not looking good: once again, it's Ken. Corrie often turns beloved characters into despicable shells before they leave -- Carla, Dennis, Tina, even Becky. Maybe it's so we'll just say leave already or maybe it's so we won't miss them when they're gone, who knows. Ken has been a lot of things but not stupid, nasty or shallow. Until this week. Hmmm...

Newfy Pearl said...

abbyk I have been thinking and saying the same thing. Ken will be gone within 6 months. I am convinced of it.
Another loved character they got rid of years ago...Martin Platt. He was everyone's friend, he put up with Gail, was the go to person on the street. Then they not only had him join up with a 16 year old...when he left he had a baby with another woman. This was bad twice over...1 he did not want a baby with poor pregnant Katie...and 2 he abandoned his son the name Martin Platt is just a joke.
Why oh why do they do that to leaving characters.....chew them up and spit them out for one last sensational storyline.

Rapunzel said...

I agree - Sunita was another one whose character was completely debased. Carla too, although they at least didn't kill her off.


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