Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Coronation Street summer spoilers revealed by Kate Oates

Coronation Street producer Kate Oates's interview in this week's Inside Soap magazine is brilliant.

And so now, let's see what else her interview revealed!

She says that Steve's going to do his best to become a good dad to baby Oliver.  Michelle and Robert will continue to grow close.

On Peter and Toyah, Kate says: "I don't want to play out another alcoholic storyline with Peter, so our challenge is to be attempting to find a way of exploring his faults in different ways."

On Johnny and Jenny, she says:  "Jenny is determined to be the first lady of Underworld."  Will we see Jenny and Johnny get wed? "That kind of lifestyle is everything Jenny wants, but whether it's what she ends up getting is another question," teases Kate.

On Chesney and Gemma, Kate says: "I can't see it leading to romance."

On Shona, she says "Her secret will soon be coming out. Viewers won't have to wait long to see her true colours! There's a tragedy in her past and she may have brutal choices in store."

On Dev and Erica, she says: "Dev is going to take Erica for granted and that will be his major problem. Watch, out Dev!"

On Roy and Brian, she says "I love the bromance, they're like Bert and Ernie but weirder."

See also, more fantastic summer spoilers which Corrie producer Kate Oates revealed:

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Tvor said...

All sounds very good. Glad there isn't more alcoholic storylines for Peter. Glad no romance for Gemma and Chesney. Really looking forward to Shona's reveal!

Laura said...

Happy to hear Peter's alcoholism isn't going to the driving storyline for him. It shouldn't be forgotten or brushed over by having him running the Rovers, either, so I hope that's not what they're planning. I can't buy that Peter's character would be able to stay sober in that context for very long. Maybe other alcoholics could, I don't know, but not him. Giving in to temptation, particularly when things get hard and he's feeling sorry for himself, is a hallmark of his character.

Making an offer on a bar and believing he can handle it is an irresponsible decision from Peter that rings true and I can believe, but actually buying it and staying sober isn't.

Maricha said...

It all sounds very good. It seems Kate Oates wants to explore other relationships besides romantic ones and that would be interesting.

abbyk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
abbyk said...

I'd still like a peek into life with Norris and Sean.

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