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Friday 31 March 2017

Bill Roache 'the only one who knows who pushed Ken'

There's a story in The Mirror today that claims Bill Roache is the only Coronation Street cast member who knows who pushed Ken Barlow down the stairs.

Could this really be true, I wonder? 

"A soap insider" tells the Mirror this news.

And from now on I'm going to refer to this mystery soap insider as Sophie Snider in the same way that we refer to The Sun's "Corrie Source" as Mr Curry Sauce.

So, er, Sophie Snider tells the Mirror: “A lot of the cast have been asking to not know who is guilty, so they don’t change how they act on screen. They also like playing along. But Bill has just had another batch of scripts sent to him, so he now has worked out who it is.

“For now Bill is keeping his lips sealed about who is the guilty party. It is the source of lots of conversation backstage at the moment. It has really grabbed the attention of the cast and viewers.” 

You can read the full preview of tonight's Coronation Street here.

I reckon there are red herrings in the Who Pushed Ken? plot - and if you'd like to you can read my thoughts here.

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Tvor said...

It could be true if they haven't filmed the reveal yet.

Rapunzel said...

Surely the person who pushed him should know too!

Newfy Pearl said...

So this too shall take a while. Which would be fine if they had not frustrated me.
Is it just me?
We last saw Ken heading toward the kitchen as he heard something in the back....DC McKinnon said he had marks on his wrists and that he was hit with a blunt object to the head.
We did not see him go upstairs, if he ran from an assailant he would run for the door not up the stairs!
As for Phelan...would he half drunk and angry at Ken go work on the flat? Ken's house is just next door! Also why would he go in the back and not knock on the front door if he was not up to no good? Daniel could barely get through the blocked front door! And if Phelan had gone to the front door...wouldn't he knock then leave with no answer?
I am sooooo confused and frustrated!!! lol

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

I still say he tripped over the dog.

Newfy Pearl said...

Derelict? did the dog hold his wrists as he did that? lol
Okay so I watched it again....the door opened wider than first noticed...but remember Phelan when he came upon Anna who had falled down the stairs? (lol omg) Well he was a little more quick to was definitely Phelan. And if you look at Todd's video...he looks directly into the camera...
Oh well...rant over.....I am getting breakfast now.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Bill Roache, as a senior cast member, possibly gets his scripts before other people. Ken will eventually recall the night's events but may pretend not to in order to protect Amy or Adam. Judging by Amy's facial expressions, she was either responsible or she knows who is. Regarding other suspects, I hope it isn't Seb as that would be a complete cop-out.

Pat said...

Newfy Pearl, I am as confused as you. I thought Ken was heading up the stairs with the kettle when he heard a noise from the kitchen, shouted something like ' is anybody there?' and then carried on. So I was thinking he was hit from behind and then dragged down the stairs, which would account for the marks on his wrists, to make it look like a fall.
Humpty Dumpty - I am not going by the look on Amy's face, she always looks shifty.

Rapunzel said...

I too don't think Pat Phelan is in the clear. He knew Todd was filming him. He could have manipulated the CCTV footage to make it look as though he was at Luke's at the time - it gives him an alibi and he gets one over Todd. He also stands to gain by having Ken out of the way, as no one else knows Ken has paid him in advance for the work.

Rapunzel said...

And was it just me or was someone who looked like Rob also on the bus with Adam?

Newfy Pearl said...

Rapunzel, I looked at the bus footage again...I don't see anyone who would look like Rob...unless you count Adam's relection. lol

Rapunzel said...

It probably was his reflection I saw!!

Newfy Pearl said...

LOL I have to say that is why I double checked...cuz in the heat of the moment it caught my attention too Rapunzel. :-)


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