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Tuesday 14 March 2017

Todd Grimshaw puts the frighteners on Phelan

Pat Phelan's going to be getting a little scared, next week in Coronation Street.

Inside Soap magazine reveal that Todd puts the frighteners on Phelan when he decides to have a bit of spooky fun.

Todd forms a cunning plan to convince Phelan that there's some ghostly goings-on at the builder's flat and since there's no shortage of skeletons in nasty Phelan's closest, he's a juicy target for Todd.

Todd sets up a spine-tingling prank to target Phelan.

Now then, as good as that sounds, I can't wait for see what Phelan's reaction is going to be when he finds out he's been made a mockery of by Todd.  And when Todd finds out that Phelan's on to him, again, ooh, now that really is a scary thought.

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Newfy Pearl said...

Oh (disappointed) it is just a childish prank. Does anyone else feel that Pat got off way too easy?
Tracy killed someone who was a bully/abuser of women and pretty much did the street a favour. She did some prison time and was released. Corrie fans are outraged....yet
Pat Phelan terrorized Anna, stole money from several street people, let poor Michael die, and is evil incarnate. Not only do the writers seem to have let him away with it....but I do not see fans complain of the injustice. What is going on? lol

Humpty Dumpty said...

Tracy virtually got away with killing a man because the writers thought it would be fun to have her back on the Street. Since then, there's been no such thing as soap justice on Corrie. Phelan will get his comeuppance only when the writers are done with him.

Tvor said...

Tracy did spend several years in prison no matter what the technicality that got her out after the DNA evidence expert was struck down. There was not enough evidence to retrial. They must have destroyed or lost the original DNA evidence. Does she automatically go back to being innocent until proven guilty or just the fact that they didn't think they could win a second trial, but does the first verdict stand? The fact that she did spend time in prison, in my mind, still means that she as a villain paid for it. Even if it wasn't long enough.

Newfy Pearl said...

I think that once you are tried for a murder, no matter what the outcome, you cannot be tried again. Her case was overturned due to a technicality, so there was no option for appeal.

Canadian watcher said...

I totally agree with Newfy Pearl's first comment about Pat. Can't understand why anyone would like his character or want to follow his storylines. But it would be a boring world if we were all the same, so I'll continue to fast forward whenever I see his face and the rest of you can enjoy!

Newfy Pearl said...

Do you know I almost forgot that Phelan killed poor Andy! How sad that no one has missed him. He and Steph were such a lovely couple....the writers really did not know what to do with them I guess. Poor Andy. Poor Steph. :-(


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