Thursday, 16 March 2017

Exclusive! Coronation Street Blog interviews

If you're famous - even just a little bit - and you're a huge Corrie fan with 10 minutes spare to write about your love for our favourite soap, please do get in touch.

All we ask is for you to write a few paragraphs about why you love Corrie so much, your favourite characters and storylines and if you've any snippets you can share from behind the scenes.

We can't pay, sorry, but we will donate £25 to a charity of your choice - and your work will be read by up to half a million Corrie fans worldwide. Yes, that's half a million Corrie fans reading our Coronation Street fan website every month.  We will of course link to and promote you and any website or links, including your chosen charity, you'd like us to include with your blog post. 

If you're interested, please email a couple of paragraphs and your chosen charity for the donation, to me at  Thank you!

Some of our exclusive VIP bloggers and interviews so far include:
Our exclusive interviews with some of the Corrie cast, crew and special invited others...


Cathy Walsh said...

Sean Bean claims to be a fan! Let's hear from him.

Cheryl said...

Brilliant soap Coronation Street is i love the characters. My favourite is Jennie Mcalpine Aka Fiz Stape.

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