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Monday 27 March 2017

Collecting Coronation Street: Props

It seems like an absolute age since my first instalment in my Collecting Coronation Street posts, where I spoke about cast autographs and how they make up a bulk of my Coronation Street memorabilia collection. As I said before, the majority of you are probably unaware of my Coronation Street Collection, which is the collective name for what started as a few small bits and pieces from across the show's history and has since morphed into a whole house full of archive Corrie props, costumes and more.

For me, the closure of Granada Studios was an absolute blessing, as there was a sudden influx of items being flogged on eBay that had been left behind by the Coronation Street crew as they were now considered worthless to be kept in the prop store at the new MediaCity Studios. It's always a shame to think that many props are probably discarded on a regular basis, but always rest assuring if they fall into my hands!

One of my favourite pieces - Blanche's funeral plaque
Another time when props show up on eBay is when they've been donated to charity auctions by the production team. Often pricey, but always worth it (as the money is going to a good cause), that's how I've obtained some of my best pieces, such as a painting of Nick Tilsley drawn in show by Hayley, and signed by Julie Hesmondhalgh. I've also bought a copy of The Weatherfield Gazette, from the time when Ken was opposing Peter's plans to open The Joinery (déjà vu?) which is signed by both Bill Roache and Chris Gasgoine.

I'd wanted a Roys Rolls table mat for a while, when suddenly one signed
by David Neilson and Julie Hesmondhalgh appeared on eBay and I
snapped it up!
When it comes to obtaining props, there's always a few difficulties regarding authenticity. I've found on a number of occasions that people try and sell the replica props that were included in the Coronation Street Treasures book (which is a great read none the less and definitely worth picking up). Whilst these replicas all look authentic and include letters from Richard Hillman, Roy's passport photos and a card from Des Barnes' funeral flowers, they were made in mass numbers for purposes of the book. I've seen many eBay users claim these are real, and sell them on for ridiculous prices!

I absolutely adore this painting of Nick Tisley that I purchased
in a charity auction on eBay, but can't find the episode anywhere!
Props that I buy tend to come in all shapes and sizes, from as small as a Rovers beermat to as big as Carla and Frank's wedding seating plan, but always a worthy part of my collection. They're often so personal and each have their own little story behind them. It's just a shame more props didn't show up on eBay as I'd love to add more to my collection. Perhaps a sofa? 

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Maricha said...

Thanks for discussing your collection and sharing your tips. It's an interesting hobby.


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