Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Kate Oates: "A new name above the door at the Rovers"

Coronation Street producer Kate Oates's interview in this week's Inside Soap magazine is the gift that keeps on giving.

She talks about the sale of the Rovers Return pub on the street. Next week we'll see Peter put his hat into the ring for the sale of the pub and he's going to get quite a shock.  The sinister stalker Chloe will also be revealed as a possible buyer for the boozer!.

Kate Oates says this: "There's going to be a new name above the door of the Rovers.  The pub is up for sale and there are big changes in store.  Peter has talked about buying it and Chloe has just made her move - but will it be either of thier offers that goes through or will a new face be moving in? I'm just going to tease that one for the time being..."

Ooh, I wonder what'll happen to Steve and Liz?

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Tvor said...

I'm sad if the pub is not going to be a McDonald pub. Unless, that new name over the door is Liz's. Currently it's Steve and Michelle's. I hope, in a rerun plot, it won't be Michelle pushing Robert to buy it. He barely was able to finance the Bistro's sale from Nick and it's a bit of a conflict of interest. Maybe Johnny?

Laura said...

I know Sally just gave a bunch of money to Kevin for Sophie's medical bills, but it would be funny to have her and Tim behind the bar. They could stay in their house and be Steve and Liz's landlords too if they continue to work there, that might also be funny. Scenes with Steve and Tim behind the bar, Liz and Sally behind the bar, or just Sally and Tim would be different but equally funny scenes, even if it's just for a while until Sally decides the bar business isn't what it's cracked up to be.

Laura said...

Just realized how many times I used the word "funny" in that post, sorry *cringe*

Maricha said...

Ken should buy it with Liz as a partner and landlady.

Laura said...

Oh wow he would be even snootier than Annie Walker was. Didn't think that would be possible!

popcorn said...

I think that Johnny should buy it, but keep Liz on as manager. That would really put Jenny's nose out of joint.

Corn Flake said...

Nap! I think that someone should buy out PRESTON'S PETALS and have Tracy and Mary pulling the pints. We SERIOUSLY need to see more Mary. Tracy and Mary are like Yin and Yang ... that would be a hard act to follow.

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