Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Kate Oates: "More old faces returning to Coronation Street"

There's a wonderful interview with Coronation Street producer Kate Oates in this week's Inside Soap magazine.  She's got a lot to say and I'm going to break things down into seperate blog posts so that we're not inundated with her words in one chunk.

Here's what she says about the Barlows.

"... the one name that everyone says that we're missig is Blanche, so it would always be nice to have another character like Blanche on the Street." 

We couldn't agree more and have been passionately arguing for the retrurn of the battle-axe to Corrie for some time.

Kate Oates also says: "There's a very long story coming up soon for the Barlows!  Ken is our patriach on the Street but he's the worlds worse father and grandfather. He's been terrible with his kids yet people look up to him and respect him."

She also adds, interestingly... "... there'll be a few fun twists as well - and maybe one or more old faces returning."

Ooh, I wonder who it could be?  I'm hoping for Daniel's mum, Denise Osbourne.

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Tvor said...

The rumours are already out on one return even though I don't imagine it will be permanent. Wouldn't it be lovely if Sylvia came back? Problem is, I can't see it being permanent this time either and I would dearly love her to stay on!

Laura said...

I would take even a short visit if it means we get to see her again. Would love to see her reaction to Brian as Roy's lodger - he'd shape up or ship out in a hurry!

Maricha said...

I would love for Sylvia to drop by and get Brian out of Roy's flat.
I didn't really like Brian very much when he was with Julia but I had no idea they would write him to be such a complete, freeloading bore.

Newfy Pearl said...

I wonder if Blanche had a sister? lol I enjoyed Silvia but I like the idea of a Barlow connection. No doubt though if they bring in a person with expectations to be the new Blanche.....that actress will be put through the wringer by some Corrie fans who will be offended at that thought of 'replacing' such an icon.

abbyk said...

I wasn't a fan when it happened, but did we actually see Susan Barlow dead and buried? If not, and there were some (completely OTT) reason for her to come back from living in hiding, that could be some to do for the Barlows. My biggest wish, however, would be for Graeme to come back (without Xin, thank you). He could open a shop of some kind on Victoria St and be Davids friend.

popcorn said...

I would still like Spider to come back, and would also like to hear some news of Emily.

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