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Tuesday 14 March 2017

Inside the mind of Peter Barlow

Currently, the stand-out character on the cobbles is Peter Barlow. He is so compelling, so watchable and every word he utters, is believable. He is also seriously flawed, which, ironically is a large part of his charm.

Unwisely, maybe, but women have always fallen at his feet. Intelligent women, attractive women - all have succumbed to his charms. He has a very persuasive, seductive way about him so it it's no wonder that he is rarely without female company. Despite this, in his conversation with Toyah about buying The Rovers and disappointed at her lack of enthusiasm, he muttered quite a telling phrase. 'I aim low in life and I still miss.' 

It was interesting how after his conversation with Toyah at the back of the pub, where he lied to her saying that his sponsor was fully behind him, he headed off to Chloe's  - a bottle of wine on the front seat, deliberately intended to make the viewer think that Peter had fallen off the wagon, But no - he grabbed the bottle, took it inside Chloe's house, and asked for a cup of coffee.

Chloe, unlike the rest of Peter's family was very supportive of his new venture and Peter was delighted. Chloe asks if Peter is going to tell the truth - the truth that in actual fact Peter's sponsor is against his plan. Chloe tells Peter that she understands why Peter wants to get the pub as he can then show all those who doubt him that he CAN stay sober.

'Beautiful and wise - a lethal combination,' responds Peter. She leans into him but swerves away and goes off to make the coffee. Chloe certainly knows what she's doing and while in the kitchen she undoes a couple of buttons and squirts herself with perfume. Then, to her obvious shock and dismay, the disappointment writ large upon her face, Peter informs her that he has to leave.

So what exactly is going on in the mind of Peter Barlow? Well, he is clearly confused. He claims to love Toyah, the love of his life he says, he wants to make her happy, to get the money together for  the IVF that they are planning which most certainly doesn't come cheap. Is he going full pelt to commit to Toyah?

If so, then why is he running to Chloe? Yes she's attractive but so are lots of women. Is it that he is flattered by her attention?  Is he angling for an affair? Does he think he won't get found out? Can he just not resist the allure of a woman who seems very attracted to him? Does he wish to have a bolt hole to which he can flee when babies and domesticity lose their allure?

But the disturbing plot development of Chloe tracking him on her tablet may lead to real problems for Peter. Chloe seems to be a woman who gets what she wants. Peter's lack of self-control may well be his downfall.

It may be the case that I have dreamt this, so bizarre is the idea, but there seems to be a storyline that suggests that Peter is the actual biological father of baby Oliver. If this turns out to be the case, then the mind of Peter Barlow would provide sufficient material for a psychiatrists' conference.

Ruth Owen, twitter: @Ruth1722

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Newfy Pearl said...

When I met Chris I told him what a good job he did in playing a character that you want to strangle and cuddle in equal measure. lol

Ruth owen said...

Exactly Newfy Pearl!

Lori D said...

Is Chloe related to Toyah's husband in some way?

Maricha said...

Chris own charisma definitely saves Peter because, as written, he's a pretty lousy guy.
On second thought, I'm not against him buying the pub: what difference does it really make? I know AA says you're solely responsible for your drinking but Peter is living with people who think of a local pub as their favorite hangout and who drink like fish everywhere else. In his day to day life he's every bit as surrounded by drinkers as he would be as a pub owner.No one has ever turned into a teetotaler to make it easier for him to remain sober.
He'll drink or he won't regardless of what business he owns.

Newfy Pearl said...

Does anyone remember when Peter was behind the bar? He was living with Shelley when Dougie owned the pub. And I keep thinking of the show Cheers...Sam Malone was the ex-baseball player who was alcoholic and owned a bar in Boston. lol I think Peter would do well behind the bar in regard to his personality....but I think Toyah lacks the sparkle of a Rovers landlady. Am I being hard on her?

Abercrombie said...

No, Newfy Pearl, just honest. Toyah does not have the same 'sparkle'. Exactly the right word.

Tvor said...

I remember when Peter worked in the Rovers, Newfy Pearl. IN fact, Toyah worked there at the same time and when she was raped, Peter was the prime suspect. Ironic, no?

I think Chloe is very good at telling Peter what he wants to hear and that's why he keeps going back to her. She's not giving him a realistic point of view but he doesn't want to hear it anyway. His ego is getting stroked and we all know he's got that Barlow gene and can't resist women and can't say No. That's why he ended up a bigamist after all.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Toyah is kind-hearted and earnest, not qualities you normally look for in bar managers. Peter has exactly the right personality but he would need a strong partner to share the load. I don't think the timing is right, however, for a new baby and a new business venture for Peter and Toyah. Sleepless nights, rows about who's pulling their weight would put a heavy downer on their relationship. As for Oli being Peter's, I really don't think so. There has been no visual cue from Peter or Leanne. They relate as a sibling and I don't see any flicker of acknowledgement, guilt or embarrassment with either of them. Still, this is a soap so anything could happen.

Newfy Pearl said...

Good point Tvor. I forgot that Toyah worked there at the same time Peter was there. Wow! I hadn't thought of that irony at all.
Thanks Abercombie lol I wasn't sure how that would come across.
Humpty...I think the one night stand with Steve is more unbelievable than the Peter scenario...but that is just me. lol But as you is a soap and goodness knows where the writers will take us next.


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