Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Guess who's the bookies fave in Who Attacked Ken?

Boyle Sports the bookies are now taking bets on who pushed Ken down the stairs.

Ken’s grandson Adam Barlow has been installed as the red hot 4/7 favourite.

Ken’s son Daniel Osbourne is next in the betting at 6/1 alongside Pat Phelan.

Both Tracy and Peter Barlow are 8/1 to have committed the crime alongside Sinead Tinker.

No doubt in the coming weeks more suspects will emerge and Boyles say they will be keeping a shrewd eye over the market as Tracy Barlow cannot be ruled out despite her currently trading at 8/1.

*Prices correct at time of publication

We don't condone gambling but if you want to place a bet, the website is here.

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Scott Willison said...

I hope it's someone utterly random, like Aadi or a returning Reg Holdsworth.

Unknown said...

It could be Amy

abbyk said...

After Monday's ep, before anything else was revealed, we did a quick poll on the American Corrie Fans FB page. 5 votes for Adam, 2 for nobody, he just fell, and 1 each for Eccles Phelan and Deirdre's ghost.

PoidaPete said...

It'll be Seb.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Ken can't recall anything about the attack so he may have forgotten a violent argument with the assailant. It would be great writing if it was Amy who hit her grandfather with an ornament in a replay of Tracy and Charlie. Maybe Ken discovered Amy putting the money in an envelope and then the whole business of the £200 came out. Ken struggled to get the money back and Amy pushed him away. Amy knows the story of Tracy and Charlie so maybe an image popped into her head and she grabbed an ornament on instinct. Has this theory already come up on sites?

CK said...

I think it's Eccles.. she looked suspicious

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