Thursday, 16 March 2017

Coronation Street: Jane Danson on baby Oli's real dad

Yesterday I posted my half-baked theory as to why I thought Peter Barlow could be the dad to baby Oli in Coronation Street. 

You can read it here if you missed it.

A lot of Corrie fans agreed that it's possible, just, that Peter might be the dad to Leanne's baby. But also, some Corrie fans said they didn't think it could be Peter. 

And one person who should know what's what also revealed that having Peter as the papa isn't likely to come true.   Yes, it was Corrie actor Jane Danson, who plays Leanne. She read our blog post and liked it.  She tweeted about it too, saying "This made me giggle. Anything is possible in soapworld! But I don't think it's on the cards."

Ah well.

And now I will, as I said in my original blog post...  get me coat.

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Newfy Pearl said...

Your theory made sense....don't beat yourself up. lol
How cool that she read the blog.
I always suspected the actors did, which is why I worry when some negative comments appear concerning some of them.
Anyhow....I guess that is that. Steve is the dad. lol

Maricha said...

Now, now, this is a soap.:-)
Just because Peter's out of the running doesn't mean Steve's paternity is a sure thing.
I think FN is on to something;-)

Newfy Pearl said...

No I think we can give up on this one. Peter is the only other logical choice in terms of timing and location. Leanne was on her own at the time and the only other two reasonable choices would have been Nick or Robert. Nick would have definitely insisted on testing as he knows how to do math...and Robert would certainly have spoken up too. Well thought out theory but I think it is safe to has been laid to rest. This is not the Jeremy Kyle show....there are no other contenders. lol

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