Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Cops quiz Daniel over Ken's attack in Coronation Street

Daniel's taken in for questioning by the cops over the attack on his dad Ken in next week's Coronation Street. 

But have the cops got the right man, or woman, for the assualt on King Ken?

Inside Soap magazine reveal that the police quiz Daniel and believe he is the one responsible for the attack on Ken.

DC Mackinnon takes Daniel to one side to ask him about his mum. When Mackinnon states that he lied convincingly for six years to cover Denise's absence, Daniel realises she's insinuating that he bumped off Denise then targeted Ken.

Daniel then lies to Sinead, telling her he's going to Oxford for the day in the hope of getting reinstated on the masters course. But Sinead later finds a note from Daniel and is horrified to realise he's leaving her.

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Tvor said...

Of all the suspects, Sinead *could* be the "expendable crew member"

Cobblestone said...

It's Eccles, I tell ya!

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