Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Peter smashes evidence of Ken's attempted murder

Peter shames up Simon's mobile phone next week in Coronation Street - but why?  What's Peter Barlow got to hide this time? And has it anything to do with Ken being shoved down the stairs - or did Ken fall? So many questions!
Well, in next week's Coronation Street, we'll see Peter go at Simon's mobile phone with a hammer and smash it to bits in the flat.  Inside Soap magazine tell us this week that Peter destroys the phone as it contains an incriminating message that could put him in the frame for the attempted murder of Ken.

Oh yes, it gets worse too.  Simon's phone contains a message from Peter that he left on the night when Ken was attacked.  However, despite smashing Simon's phone and destroying the SIM card, Simon finds the voicemail when updating his new phone.

Simon hears the message and listens to his dad begging for forgiveness and explaining that he needs to get away.  Simon plays the message to Leanne and Nick.

Peter explains that he was at Chloe's the night of Ken's attack and lies saying that she smashed up her house and cut herself.  He needs proof to back up his lie and of course the only person he can ask is Chloe herself. 

Oh, Peter. What a pickle you've put yourself in, again.

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abbyk said...

Was shaking my head at the first line of this post. To older folk who didn't grow up with the technology or have regular interactions with teens, I'll give a pass, but as a not stupid fifty something father of a bright teen, Peter not knowing about clouds and backup is ridiculous. A phone isn't a Rolodex or a file cabinet, Petey, and almost everything on one is backed up (copied) somewhere else. BTW, acting like a caveman doesn't help your case, either.

Maricha said...

Lol, at Peter.If you have the phone to smash it why not simply try to erase the message? I don't know any teens who bother to lock their phone unless they're up to no good so it's easy to access their missed calls, etc. If all fails, just resetting to factory settings usually deletes logs. Anything is better than smashing the phone. You might as well put the cuffs on yourself.

Corriegated Cardboard said...

every teenager locks their phone nowadays, you can't trust anyone not to go into your phone and look at things. even if you have nothing to hide, it simply puts your mind at rest to have a lock on your phone

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