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Wednesday 15 March 2017

5 reasons why Peter Barlow could be baby Oli's dad

Leanne visited Peter in Portsmouth in June 2016 - and yes, this was 9 months before Oliver was born. You can read the episode synopsis here which says Leanne and Simon returned from Portsmouth week of 3 June 2016. So the timing is perfect.

No DNA test has been done yet to determine who the father is. So, there's no proof that the baby is Steve's.

Since Toyah returned to Coronation Street, she's been one-dimensional. Her character and storyline have been all about the IVF, about failing to get pregnant with Toby's child, and now about trying to have Peter's baby.  She even delivered baby Oli while stuck in the Victoria Court life. So, what if Toyah does eventually get pregnant with Peter's child AND it's proven that Oli is also Peter's?  Oh 'eck!

The revealation would blow Toyah and Leanne apart and make for a great soap storyline.


Peter is a rubbish dad, we all know that. Simon knows it too.  Well, if Peter did turn out to be the dad to baby Oliver (and to Toyah's baby - see No. 3 above) he'd be the worst dad in the Street, with three children to prove it.

Of course, I might be completely and utterly wrong about it all.

I'll get me coat.

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Newfy Pearl said...

You should be on the Coronation Street payroll! lol I like it. And it would explain the large newborn for one that is supposedly 2 weeks early. Also, you could see why Leanne would be desperate not to be involved with Peter, she said he is like poison. She was way too upset about Toyah and Peter to make sense. This would explain it...but it they go that route....holy smokes...look what she has put Steve through.

Lee said...

Nope, no way.
Leanne was way too shocked about being pregnant, and Steve being the father. It would have been a lot easier for her if Peter was the Dad. That means Leanne would give birth to 'blood related' sibling for Simon. She would never disregard that fact, to pin a pregnancy onto Steve. She was mortified it was Steve. She was already indecisive with Nick, giving him the brush-off, so she could have just left. Nick alone, and proudly continued with her pregnancy.
I for one, will be really annoyed if the writers decide Peter is the Dad.

Maricha said...

Barring both of them being blackout drunk when it happened, how could both Leanne and Petter be so completely unaware that they'd had a one night stand?
I like speculation as much as the next person but this one hinges only on the fact that Leanne visited the town where Peter lived. Neither character has given any hint that he could be the father at any time. Nor has Simon, for that matter, and he was the reason for that trip.
I don't even see the storytelling value in that option: Toyah was a married woman, what leg could she stand on to resent Leanne having another kid with Peter just because she's now his girlfriend? Plus, it wouldn't prevent Toyah from wanting a child of her own so the IVF storyline would still be on.

Humpty Dumpty said...

It would be a desperate storyline, simply switching the babies triangle from Steve to Peter. I can't believe that Leanne wouldn't have even considered Peter as the possible father, maybe checking her diary. It would have been the first thing to cross her mind. If the writers take it this way, it will only be because Peter and Toyah haven't worked as well as hoped and the writers need a get-out. I have said before that the actors look uncomfortable in their scenes together.

Newfy Pearl said...

When Leanne had her one night stand...she rushed to answer the door and had to look up at the man. So we thought it had to be Robert or Nick due to their height. Steve is not that tall and I don't recall him even being considered a candidate initially. So that to me tells me that the writers will do as they please. :-)

Unknown said...

Not a hope at all! Leanne at this stage in life would not touch Peter with a 10 foot pole. I would however love any reason that breaks up Peter and Toyah. She is BOOOOORING!!!

abbyk said...

I don't think it's Peter because he has said a few times that he and Toyah have been seeing each other for over a year. They would have been in the new and exciting part of a romance when Oliver was conceived -- I doubt he would have even looked at Leanne then, not that she would have looked back. I wish the baby was Nicks. I like drama, not dramatics.

Gale said...

I think the paternity test should show Nick as the daddy. Leanne would never have slept with the slimy rummy, and Steve would be really screwed because he ruined his own marriage.

Maricha said...

Nick has been a better father figure to Simon than Peter and considering the time he willingly spends with Simon he'd probably also be a better father than Steve for all his flaws, but the actor is leaving and I don't see Nick learning it was his baby after all and then taking off.
Of course the show could just recast to get around that hurdle,as Ben Price is leaving for good and he apparently wasn't a fan favorite but the writers seem to want Nick to spiral out of control instead.

Tvor said...

@abbyk Bingo! That's my argument as well against the theory. Peter and Toyah have apparently been seeing each other more than a year now. I really can't see Peter sleeping with Leanne even for one time and then being in the first flushes of love with her sister. Nope. Even Peter Barlow wouldn't do that. He's been sober more than 2 years so he can't even use that as an excuse

Newfy Pearl said...

Peter was sober when he married two women at the same time. lol But I agree interesting as it would be Peter is not the father of Ollie. :-) So good to have Peter back though.

Unknown said...

It makes sense, she has history with Peter and never conceived while with him, so she would never consider that it could be his. I like Peter for the Dad much more than Steve. It would also explain why she blew up when she learnt about Toyah and Peter a little more than necessary

Newfy Pearl said...

Sorry Unknown but you are mistaken...Leanne miscarried Peter's baby while she was with him.


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