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Friday 17 March 2017

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Fri 17 March

Friday 17th March 2017
STEVE MAKES A PLEA TO LEANNE TO DO THE RIGHT THING Leanne and Nick row over her plans to allow Steve access to Oli. Gail advises Nick to walk away while he still can. Nick needs space to think but when he forgets he and Leanne have an appointment to register Oli’s birth Steve jumps in, having heard the news from Simon, and sets off in pursuit of Leanne. As Leanne registers Oli’s birth Steve bursts in and demands to be named on the birth certificate. How will Leanne react? 
FAYE’S FLOORED BY A BLAST FROM THE PAST When Faye’s tattoo becomes red and angry looking Seb suggests she should see a doctor. When Anna discovers the tattoo she’s fuming, especially as Faye admits Seb supplied her with fake ID. Izzy later finds an upset Faye and realising the tattoo has become infected marches her off to A&E where Faye comes face to face with her past.
DANIEL’S DILEMMA IS ACADEMIC Sinead suggests that she and Daniel should find a place of their own. Daniel agrees but with his Oxford MA in mind, suggests a fresh start down south. Will Sinead agree to consider a move?
ELSEWHERE Gail suggests to David that he and Maria would make a lovely couple. Amused, David and Maria agree to have some fun winding Gail up. When Bethany moans to Nathan how Sarah wasn’t happy about her staying out late, he suggests they have a weekend away and really give her something to moan about.

Friday 17th March 2017
REVENGE IS A DISH BEST SERVED COLD FOR MICHELLE As Michelle drowns her sorrows in the bistro she spreads poison in Nick’s ear, telling him it’s clear Leanne doesn’t care about him. As Michelle plies Nick with wine, Robert warns Michelle she’s playing with fire, but ignoring his words she invites Nick back to the salon flat. Robert fumes. As Leanne looks for Nick, hoping to make up after their row, Michelle leans in and kisses Nick. Will he respond?
DANIEL’S FACED WITH A DILEMMA Daniel meets up with his lecturer who urges him to accept the place at Oxford, pointing out it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Will Daniel reach a decision?
ELSEWHERE Gail’s thrilled when David invites Maria round for tea, unaware they’re winding her up.

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Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Oh I am sick to the back teeth of Michelle already! What a nasty, vindictive person she is. Mind you, no change there, she always was a bitch. Let's hope Robert sees her for what she is.

Pat said...

I did feel really sorry for Michelle after Ruari died but I've lost any sympathy now that she is being so malicious.

Newfy Pearl said...

Wow...if this was Tracy the street would be out for her blood....but no one is batting an eye with Michelle.

Eryn said...

Michelle is behaving very badly for a grown woman. I did have sympathy for her after son's death, although felt she'd not treated Steve well. Steve is hurting just as much. Agree that if this were Tracy Barlow behaving this way there'd be a lynch mob out for her. Really disapproved of the others "support" of Michelle when she locked Steve out of Rovers! Shameful Rita lying about a private Birthday party. Michelle also tried to seduce Robert! Why is everyone so angry with Steve? It takes two to make a baby last time I checked!
Why Robert wants her after this display of her true colours I don't know!?
Johnny, Kate and others need to mind their own business too!
Want Kate O to dismantle this storyline ASAP and have Michelle head back to Ireland ­čç«­čç¬ and let Steve settle down with Leanne. I was happy Tracy was supportive of him and saying he's a decent father as there's a lot worse...Peter, Ken, Johnny, Tim.
Looking forward to new characters in the Webster family.

Abercrombie said...

The point that Eryn Clarke made re "support" of Michelle during the lock in at the pub is a point I wish to comment on. When I read the spoiler I was willing those locked in to refuse to freely drink the profits of Liz and Steve. Disappointingly it did not happen. Rita being greedy because it was her birthday - and everyone had forgotten- was a bit of a shock. I, too, was disgusted at such mean behaviour. On another post I named Rita as a voice of reason, in this case she defaulted to her needs, however I would have loved to have witnessed her telling Michelle it was not right to be giving out free drinks. The actions of the people there condoned the destructive behaviour of Michelle. I felt for Michelle in the loss of Ruari and the aftermath and I can understand the rage, however the presence of the 'elders' in the pub could have started to lead her to a better way of dealing with her overwhelming grief. The actress is very accomplished at rage and destruction.....!!

Newfy Pearl said...

Eryn Clark why did you mention that Tim is a bad dad? He did not know for years that he had a daughter. Since then he has made contact, made himself a part of her life, improved himself, and is a loving caring father.
As for Johnny....his downfall was his affair that produced Carla - decades ago - but he still kept his family together beyond that until the death of his wife. He may have had his head turned by women since then but it is obvious that his kids come first...especially when it comes to money. Yes he argues with Aiden...but Aiden is not the easiest person now is he? lol Other than that...yeah...poor Peter has followed in steps of his father.....try as they might, selfishness and women get the better of them.

Newfy Pearl said... first I was glad that Johnny spoke up and offered support to Michelle. It was nice that she is not alone. But the Connors always did have a sense of entitlement, so no surprise that there has been no proper guidance to help the situation. Michelle is a woman on a mission.....and no it does not look good on her. Unless you count the lack of the cleaopatra do not miss that makeup.


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