Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Audrey breaks her arm in fall at Coronation Street salon

Poor Audrey. In next week's Coronation Street we'll see her slip at work in the hair salon and she breaks her arm.

Inside Soap magazine tell us that it's a nasty fall and she's glad that Maria is on hand to help her get back to her feet.  But with one arm in plaster, it won't be easy working in the salon for Audrey. 

 Luckily, Rita is around to help her and the two of them have a right good gossip about the developing friendship between Cathy and Brian.  Audrey and Rita spy a bit of a charged moment between Cathy and Brian - ooh!  Plenty to gossip about there, then.

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Rapunzel said...

I wonder whether Sue Nichols has a crook arm in real life. It might explain why she's not been in it of late - even during storylines you'd expect Audrey to be a part of.

Maricha said...

I know that older people often have health issues but are we now only going to see characters like Audrey or Kevin when they're injured or recovering from a health crisis? It would have been more fun to have Audrey, Rita and Freddy go out for a night on the town.

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