Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Bethany discovers Nathan and Mel's secret past


Nathan is pure evil, we know that already, but what's Mel's connection to this grooming storyline in Coronation Street? We're going to find out more in next week's Coronation Street. 

Inside Soap magazine reveal  that Bethany's going to find out next week that Nathan and Mel were once a couple. Bethany finds some pictures on Nathan's laptop showing him snogging Mel, and Bethany, it's fair to say, isn't best pleased. But if we hope this revelation might give Bethany something to think about and dump Nathan, I'm afraid it doesn't, not yet.

After the falling out between Bethany and Mel, things turn nasty at the tanning salon and Bethany heads home to see mum Sarah. Sarah's over the moon that Bethany and Nathan have fallen out but Bethany is determined to get back with him, sadly.

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Zagg said...

While I get the value of this story, I don't think there has been enough kickback from Sarah and the whole Platt family. No one in their right mind would allow their 16 year old to hang with this guy who is more than twice her age. Yes, she doesn't want to alienate her daughter, but what parent wouldn't start their own investigating into this guy? A visit from the Uncles and Gary together would have been in order. There is way too much freedom for Bethany in this situation.
But I guess Sarah has always been a crap mother, so there is that.

Maricha said...

I agree. My fear of alienating a teenager would disappear the second I saw her 30 something year old boyfriend. You'd think Sarah's past would have made her put her foot down on this much earlier, like during the weeks she knew her daughter was seeing someone but didn't know who it was.

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