Sunday, 19 March 2017

Corrie Weekly Awards for March 13 - 17

Pants on Fire award: Bethany lying to the police to give Nathan an alibi. She was so nervous she was vibrating! Chloe is lying to Peter about everything.

Hypocrite award: Toyah calling Maria a tart when she herself cheated on her husband, Toby

Maybe Not So Odd Couple: You may think Gail's idea of David and Maria as a couple is silly but don't forget, he did have quite a crush on her years back.

The not-Subtle Award: Gail is pushing Maria and David together and she's not subtle about it, either.

Mama Bear award: Also Gail. She's never liked Leanne but she's right about one thing. Nick rebounded to Leanne from Carla and sometimes I think Leanne really does see Nick as a security blanket.

Overreact award: I get that Faye did a stupid thing getting a tattoo but Anna got downright nasty with her, far more than was necessary. At least she apologized later.

Lines of the week:
Sarah "He works in a tanning salon. It's not exactly Microsoft"
Tracy to Toyah "Oh Please. I've had face packs on longer than the two of you have been together"
Maria to a cyber-snooping Michelle "Bunnies and hot water come to mind"
Faye "I've just had a scary bloke with metal sticking out of his face stab me with a needle. Of course I love you"
Faye to Craig "I'm going to start calling you PC Buzzkill"
Nick to Michelle "I've got Leanne telling me black is white and now you're Mother Theresa"
Simon "So Nick's going with you to watch you *not* put his name down. Seems a bit depressing, doesn't it?" (how very mature!)
Steve "He came. He saw. He bored the poor little lad into submission"
Nick "Mugs of the world unite"
Michelle to Robert "Change the record and take your lovesick puppy act elsewhere"

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abbyk said...

Adult acting like a teenager: after sending the snap and watching the drama unfold, Michelle tried to seduce Nick, not understanding how he could be in love with someone he's mad at and throwing a hissy fit when he left.

Teenager acting like an adult: Faye for knowing she did wrong (even without her mother going ballistic on her), recognizing and fixing a problem on her own, and handling an enormous curveball brilliantly.

Rita and Norris The Next Generation: Maria and David.

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