Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Tracy and Adam team up to scheme in Coronation Street

With the Barlow clan in meltdown in next week's Coronation Street, the gruesome twosome of Adam and Tracy team up to scheme. But just what is the devious duo up to?

Well, they find Ken's will which reveals that Ken's estate goes to Peter, Daniel and Adam, leaving Tracy out in the cold.  It's a shock for Adam as he tells Tracy the will isn't the same one that he saw previously.

Inside Soap magazine tell us that Adam is suspect number one in the police investigation for Ken's attack. Adam's lied about returning to Canada and tells everyone that he only returned after the night of Ken's attack.  He's forced to turn to someone for an alibi - and that someone is Rosie!
Adam tells Rosie that she has to provide an alibi for him or he'll go to the cops and tell them about her drug smuggling.

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Maricha said...

That's odd about Ken's will leaving Tracy and thus Amy out. First of all Deirdre left money for Amy which Ken had so where is it and he intended to leave something to Simon as well.
In recent weeks, he wasn't angry with Tracy but with Peter, Adam and Daniel so why would he change his will to favor them? Something very fishy is going on.

Humpty Dumpty said...

That makes Tracy and Amy homeless or does it mean she gets the house and her siblings share what's left over? Wills can be challenged.

Cobblestone said...

Diedre's life insurance money was placed in a trust, of which Ken was trustee, so it's not part of Ken's estate. Simon & Amy's inheritance will still be there, separate from Ken's will. But there's certainly something very strange going on. Tracy - until her almost justifiable meltdown the other night - has been extraordinarily well-behaved of late. Why disinherit her? I'd have guessed it had been Adam who had switched out the wills, were it not that he's apparently even more astonished than Tracy. This mystery is shaping up rather well ...

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