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Saturday 18 March 2017

Daniel and Sinead - the new Deirdre and Ken of Coronation Street?

Next week on Coronation Street, we're going to see Sinead get a right old ear-bashing from King Ken of Weatherfield.

When Ken throws a dinner party to celebrate Daniel's success at getting into Oxford University, it all kicks off. 

Katie McGlynn, who plays Sinead, says: "Ken pleads with her to call off her relationship with Daniel so that Daniel will take up his place at Oxford. That’s when Sinead tells Ken she’s pregnant.”

Katie says Ken reacts very harshly indeed. "He has all these big ideas for Daniel – things he wants Daniel to do because he didn’t get the chance to do them.

"Ken says that Sinead is to Daniel what Deirdre was to Ken! He means it like he doesn’t want her to get in the way of Daniel’s big life beyond the Street. Ken implies that’s what happened with him and Deirdre. It’s very mean.”

Ooh, Ken! You rotter, you. 

Mind you, it would be fun to see this play out in years to come. If Sinead and Daniel do stick together she could become thorn in his side that he will always blame for never allowing him to reach his full potential, just as Ken did to Deirdre many times. 

And there's always the possibility that Sinead could have a fling with Daniel's arch-nemesis Adam Barlow, just like Deirdre did with Mike!

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Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Ken has got a damn cheek wanting anything for Daniel. He's only got to know him over the past few months, didn't have anything to do with his upbringing as far as I can see. Ken has far too much to say for himself and needs to keep his neb out.

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

PS Having said that, I can't see Daniel & Sinead lasting very long, her dopey demeanour and lack of intelligence would soon grate on him.

Louby said...

Very bad! Anyway, Ken must have been 40 odd when he got together with Deirdre, so he had plenty of time to make it big before their relationship.

I'm not keen on the writers making Ken so nasty. Wouldn't a brush with death make you want to be nicer to people?

Maricha said...

Ken is lying to himself if he thinks Deirdre is the reason why he didn't make it farther in life.
They were both fully grown adults by the time they got together. Proof of that is that his eldest son Peter, whom he had when already done with university,is at least 10 years older than Tracy. Deirdre was his third wife and much younger than him.
Where I see the similarity between Ken and Daniel is in being easily distracted from their plans but that's entirely their own fault. Ken got in his own way, just as Daniel is doing. Sinead isn't the obstacle, it's Daniel's inability to put off starting an affair with anyone at all while waiting for a reply from Oxford simply because Adam was mocking his virginity.

Laura said...

It's very unfair of Ken to blame Deidre for that, but I'm really liking it because it's true to his self-serving character. I really think the writers are nailing Ken's character on the head recently.

Bobby Dazzler said...

From the very beginning when Ken's father asked him to pass the "brown sauce" all those years ago.....Ken has always thought himself too good for the street. He'd have been off to Jamaica if Valerie hadn't been so stupid for killing herself with the hairdryer. With Ken it is always the fault of another. If he could have kept his trousers on he might have made something out of himself (what's wrong with beinga teacher?,,,or trolley guy for that matter?...Very full of himself and bold to feel he has some input on how Daniel, an adult, chooses to live his life.
Having said that, I can't stand the character of Sinead with Daniel...We'll see.

Zagg said...

As crass as he was for saying it, he does have a point, at least regarding Daniel and Sinead. The way she jumped from one guy to the next and instantly moved in was ridiculous. And her character is certainly not smart enough for Daniel. He will get bored REAL soon. Or perhaps he will develop a Henry Higgins thing and try to improve Sinead.
In any event, I am not a big fan of the pairing of these two. Geez, let Daniel get his education. You can't blame Ken for being angry about his Oxford admission being in jeopardy. Any parent would be.But of course in true Corrie fashion, the education prospect will go down the dumper. No one on the street can show any sign of learning anything other than pouring pints or ringing up biscuits at the corner store.


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