Saturday, 25 March 2017

Morrissey's back pocket

I enjoyed Mary's Morrissey reference in last night's Corrie when describing some wilted gladdies in Preston's Petals.

Flowers were part of The Smiths' visual aesthetic and the shrubbery most commonly associated with the group was the gladiolus or 'sword lily'. Morrissey has said that this particular type of flower "leapt out" at him and "seemed really powerful". 

Morrissey favoured the larger variety, which he would often wield above his head on stage. However, tired of carrying them around with him during gigs, by 1984 Moz had moved his gladdies to his back jean pocket in order to free his hands. 

This explains Mary's brilliant quip to Tracy: "Have you seen these gladdies? I mean talk about wilted. They'd be fresher if they'd been sitting in Morrissey's back pocket these past 30 years!"

A superb touch by Corrie writer Mark Wadlow! For more on the two-way relationship between Coronation Street and Morrissey, be sure to check out my blog from a few years ago, still available here. Oh Manchester, so much to answer for...

By Martin Leay
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Kylie O'Reilly said...

I genuinely thought she said "Norris' back pocket" - still worked as a joke though

abbyk said...

Thanks for explaining. Had no idea what she was talking about, just had it as another crazy Mary rant. Yeah, that is a sweet bit of writing.

Newfy Pearl said...

Sorry but off topic....we lost Wedesday's episode completely didn't we?
Also, love Tracy and Mary together. :-)

Martin Leay said...

Yes, they balance each other out nicely! Correct - Corrie was bumped to make way for the football.

Newfy Pearl said...

For some reason I thought they would just run it in the next slot....I guess it will show up in the omnibus. Gee...imagine if there were a cliffhanger being resolved in that one!

Lateboomer said...

I'm with Kylie O'Reilly, here. I heard "Norris' back pocket as well" - which would make more sense in my opinion.

Newfy Pearl said...

I think the only people who did not hear Morrissey are people who are not familiar with Morrissey. lol What would Norris be doing with flowers in his back pocket?

Martin Leay said...

Mary loves Morrissey! A great rendition of The Smiths' 'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now' while working at Preston's Petals in tonight's episode.

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