Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Michelle returns to a new job, new man in Coronation Street

There's a good interview with Kym Marsh, who plays Michelle McDonald in Coronation Street, in this week's Inside Soap magazine.

She talks about Michelle returning to Coronation Street next week after she's been off-screen visiting Carla.  And she reveals that she doesn't think Michelle and Steve should get back together.

"It's strange, " she says, "Simon (who plays Steve) and I have been an on-screen partnership for nearly 10 years on and off. Something pulls Steve and Michelle back every time, but I don't know if this can be fixed. I'd tell her to be strong and not go to back to Steve. He doesn't deserve her."

Also, it looks like Robert will be there waiting for her when Michelle returns.  He offers her a new job in the Bistro, which she accepts.

"Michelle knows Robert has no agenda and he just wishes to take care of her," says Kym.   "The job is perfect for her and the bonus is that she'll be in competition with the Rovers. Michelle realises there is a guy here who wants her to be happy and has never tried his luck with her. In fact, the opposite. Michelle starts to wonder if she does have feelings for Robert."

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Maricha said...

What does she mean: he's never tried his luck with her? On the night she tried to seduce Nick she flat out told Robert she knew he was after her and we all saw him bring vodka to "console" her as soon as she went to Maria's flat.
(In fact his attempt to get her drunk enough to sleep with her is likely what gave her the idea to try the same thing on Nick.)
Granted,he hasn't forced himself on her but that's a low bar to set to look favorably at a man.

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Agree with you Maricha.

And I would also add to Michelle/Kym I think it's more a case that Michelle doesn't deserve Steve, not the other way round! All Michelle has ever done during their relationship is belittle him. Nasty piece of work she is. Maybe she deserves Robert, he's no better!

abbyk said...

I hope they get together quickly. If she and Steve were still married on paper, that would be adultery and negate (in my non-legal mind) his one nighter with Leanne. There'd be no need for Liz and Steve to sell the Rovers.

Newfy Pearl said...

Wow! I agree with you Maricha. That brining of the booze was certainly not without its
I hope they do not put Steve back with her under any circumstances...I would rather see a new person come in and win his heart than put him back with Michelle.
I really did not like the pairing from day one. When Steve left Michelle for Becky it was clear that she was not the right one for him.

Zagg said...

I have never liked the pairing of Steve and Michelle. She always acted like she was too good for him and certainly belittled him a LOT throughout the years. Remember the college course scenario? Horrible.
They just never seem to have the chemistry that was present in his other relationships.
I really hope they do not put them back together. We know it won't last and all the old problems will surface as she throws everything back in his face every time they have an argument.A screeching Michelle is tiring to watch and I'm just over it.
Maybe they should pair her with Robert. I don't think he will put up with her haughty attitude.

Laura said...

I'm not a huge fan of Michelle, and she has had less than stellar periods as a girlfriend/wife, but I don't agree with the sentiment she's always been hellish to Steve or some sort of screeching harridan that he's lucky to escape from. When he was struggling with undiagnosed depression she was very supportive, despite his uncaring attitude toward her, and after learning about all his debt.

Given everything Steve's gotten up to, I wouldn't exactly call him a great boyfriend or husband either. They're well rid of each other, I think.

Not sure about the pairing with Robert, but interested to see it unfold.

Eryn Clarke said...

I don't like how the writers have changed Michelle. She lost her son and discovered her husband had fathered a son with her friend. Yes she should be hurt and heartbroken BUT not to the point of a vengeful witch. Angry of course Michelle has the right to be BUT that doesn't mean she should work and obsess to destroy Steve and Leanne. She hasn't shown any class. Steve's mistake was believing Michelle had left him for good and went to Leanne for companionship. I actually like Steve and Leanne together. I don't think Robert is a good pair up for Michelle. He has had the intention to steal her away from Steve! Too bad Adam is too young for her. What would be hilarious would be to have Leanne win Robert's heart instead of Michelle! I feel Steve has been mistreated and misjudged by Nick, Robert and others. I also really don't want he and Liz to lose The Rovers!

Anonymous said...

Michelle comes back in Weatherfield, with a new job, and have a new boyfriend named Robert, for romance, when she divorces Steve, which would be a good thing after 1 and a half years of marriage. And it will be the start of a romantic era of the new romantic couple of Weatherfield, and she would marry him for romance and becomes his wife and his new darling woman. And as for her ex-husband-to-be, Steve, he will get a new romance in Nick's ex-wife, Leanne, for romance, since he's the real father of her baby, which Liz would be proud of Steve and Leanne. And Steve married Leanne, she will be his wife, and Liz would say: "Leanne, welcome to the McDonald family clan." And in the future, 2 new romantic couples: Steve & Leanne, and Robert & Michelle...for romance.

Maricha said...

The thing is Michelle still doesn't know that Leanne and Steve got together after Steve thought he and Michelle were breaking up. That's what happens when you're so enraged that people can't reason with you.

I don't think Steve's been misjudged. He did what was convenient for him until it wasn't and expects everyone to alter their plans because life altered his. If Ruari had lived, there's no way Steve would have rocked the boat with Michelle by claiming Oliver. To me that means he doesn't deserve a place in that child's life.

I feel sorry for Liz losing the Rover's but it's still possible a buyer might prefer to partner with her.Fingers crossed.

Newfy Pearl said...

You are so right about Steve doing what he wants when it is convenient for him. Deep down he is a selfish person.
This on a break thing is from Ross and Rachel of Friends....I don't think it gives Steve a pass. Ross was heartbroken when Rachel broke up with him and accepted comfort elsewhere.
With Steve he made such a huge deal when broken hearted Michelle told him about the kiss with her ex that he could not handle it. So he literally sent her away.
I think considering their past - like when he slept with Becky who was her friend behind the bar and actually left her for Becky - I think this really sent her over the edge.
She put the past behind her and actually married him...and he could not forgive her a small indescretion (which he brought about by hid absence) but then he goes out and goes all the way with Leanne (another friend of hers).
Sorry for the long posts people...but I am loving the interactive chats here. :-)

Maricha said...

I sure couldn't be one to complain about long posts :D And, I too love getting a chance to chat with people who like Corrie.:-)

I think Steve has always been a jerk and he's gotten a pass on that because he acts pitiful when the women in his life turn on him. In the end he always lands on his feet, though.

However,Michelle gets on my nerves even more. She obviously thinks Steve is an idiot and she can do better but she married him anyways.

I really hope both characters move on with other people.

Newfy Pearl said...

I couldn't agree with you more Maricha. :-)

Anonymous said...

If Michelle divorces Steve, by ending her marriage...she can get a new boyfriend in Robert...and Steve could get a new girlfriend in Leanne (whom someday marry Steve and be a member of the McDonald family clan).

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