Sunday, 2 April 2017

Kevin and Erica - Yay or Nay?

In the previews for next week's Coronation Street, there's a teaser picture of Kevin and Erica together. I know! Ooh! But what could it mean?

In the previews it simply says: "In return for her kindness, Kevin gives Erica's car a valet." 

The kindness referred to is when Erica helps Kev out after Kev's card is turned down at Dev's. Dev offers Kev the shopping for free but Kev tells Dev he doesn't want charity.  It's Erica who has a little word with Kev after the incident, and, as the preview above says, she gets a free valet. 

Well, romance has to start somewhere, if indeed it is a romance.  Would you like it to be? 

What do YOU think - Erica and Kevin - Yay or Nay?

I say YAY!

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Louby said...

It's a no from me. Erica would be wasted on Kev who's way too miserable for her, well anyone really!

Maricha said...

Nay. I want Erica with someone who has the potential to be lively and fun. I wish they'd paired her with Lloyd but since he's not coming back perhaps Johnny.
Then again, why not leave her single and have her buy the pub with or without Liz and see if she clicks with the new men the show will probably bring in now that there will be more sets and airtime to fill.

LindaSonia Anyname said...

It's a Nay from me. Just Nay.

popcorn said...

Triple nay. I too would like to see her stay single. She is a strong, feisty woman who keeps the men on their toes.

Joseph Billington said...

Nay I prefer Kevin and Anna more realistic.

abbyk said...

No. As little as I like Anna, the two of them seem suited for each other.

Miranda Leybourne said...

Isn't she with Devendra?

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