Sunday, 16 April 2017

Is Robert Preston the most boring man in soap?

It's a question, not a statement, but I'm wondering if Robert Preston could be Coronation Street's most boring bloke?

Since he returned to Coronation Street to rekindle his fling with Tracy after Deirdre died, he's had his moments, it's true.  He almost started to take the place of Deirdre herself in the Barlow household, cooking for Ken and Tracy and being a shoulder to cry on in the Barlow back yard. 

Then he had his moment with Carla and now he's moved on to Michelle.  He's choosing his women carefully, not just flinging himself at anyone. It's the alpha females he targets.  And why? Because he'll never reach their dizzy heights himself.

He is, in my opinion, hanging on to Michelle's tailcoats as she seeks to get revenge on Steve. I don't believe he loves Michelle, despite saying those three little words on Friday night last week. I believe he's out for all he can get from his dalliance with Mrs McDonald.

Or am I missing the point here? Is Robert's subtlety his USP?  I wonder what you think of Robert too and look forward to reading your comments.

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Louby said...

He certainly had more about him while he was with Tracy. But since then, not so much. His fling with Carla felt like an irritating plot device to me, and he's had very little action since, until now, but I doubt this will make him more interesting. Bit of a waste of what could be a good character.

Newfy Pearl said...

I agree he was bet with Tracy...but a hint to his character came when ... he was so disgusted when he learned of how he got the Bistro. While he looked down on Tracy for the way she procured the money, he did not do the honourable thing and give it back.
Then with Carla he bedded her and did not get her so he made sure to make her uncomfortable for a while.
And then with Michelle he acts all sensitive but he turned my stomach when he brought the Tequila to her while she was at her lowest - baby buried, husband lost, and still raging with hormones from the pregnancy.
Oh and his Gordon Ramsey act toward staff was so rude, especially to those who were devoted to him.
I thought that Robert could be a stabilizing influence and support to Tracy....but now he is just pathetic.
He should be good looking physically, but his personality warps it for me.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Chesney is more boring. Although Tracy can be one-dimensional, she is good at sparking up other characters: Steve, Rob, Robert who then ground her. It might be the same with Michelle and Robert. Maybe in the hectic environment of a restaurant, Robert will have less time to moon over her and Michelle will learn that work comes first.

Maricha said...

I have to say I wonder the same thing and am leaning towards a yes. There are dumber blokes on Corrie but none as boring.
When Robert first started, I thought he was interesting and the man who would bring Tracy around by not playing her games. Then the show wasted all that potential by making him a preachy bore with Tracy even as he used her blackmail scheme to his advantage. Since he broke up with her he just scowls and wanders around looking sullen.
I'd be tempted to say there was scheming going on in that head if he weren't so "small potatoes". He didn't even have the gumption to hold on to sole ownership of the Bistro.
Of course he goes after Alfa females but, honestly, isn't that because compared to him, every female (or male) is an Alfa?

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Without a doubt, he is deadly boring and personality-free

Anonymous said...

I always thought that Robert and Leanne were the best pair, as they seem to bring out the best in each other.

Anonymous said...

Robert reminds me a little of Tim, not in terms of personality or looks, but how his initial character is so ambiguous you can read a lot of different possibilities into him. I remember when Tim first showed up, I thought maybe he wasn't Faye's real dad and was pretending to be so he could use her in some way (manipulate her the way Nathan is doing to Bethany now). Then the writers figured out a direction and he turned into a loveable stand-up husband for Sally and surrogate father figure not only to his own daughter but to Craig and Sophie and Rosie as well. What a turn-around! I only hope the writers figure out something similar for Robert. He had great chemistry with Amy at the beginning.

Lee said...

Anon at 1:33.... Couldn't agree more :)

donna harris said...

I think of Robert as a predator. He seeks out strong women during weak moments...don't get me started on the tequila!! This is the kind of guy who maybe wouldn't spike your drink at a party, but would surely take advantage (as seen with Carla) if the opportunity presented itself.
Wouldn't bother me in the least if he decided to grab a cab out of Weatherfield.

Louby said...

I hadn't thought of this before but you are right! Don't forget him sleeping with Tracy after Deirdre's funeral, instead of doing the decent thing. She was quite vulnerable then too.

Newfy Pearl said...

OMG Louby! You are so right!

Maricha said...

You're so right!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's cultural, but can someone explain to me what's so wrong about Robert showing up with a bottle of tequila. I'm female and I've spent many a night drinking tequila shots with girlfriends, often to drown out a sense of sorrow. Also, I give Robert a pass on some of those past relationships. If you look at them from a different angle, he was the one being used. Carla was self-destructing and drew Robert in to her drama. Michelle the same, although Robert has pulled back on several occasions. None of these women are terribly loyal or true (starting with Tracy), so - even as a female - I can understand him being generally disorientated.

Maricha said...

It's predatory. Usually when a guy who is attracted to you shows up with hard liquor when you're already vulnerable, it's because he hopes that being drunk will make you more likely to have sex with him than you would be when sober.
The fact that this guy is always around when women are vulnerable (Tracy grieving Deirdre, Carla self-destructing, Michelle in a troubled marriage and muscarriage) and always ends up in bed with them is not a good sign. Even if you think he's being used, it only happens because he goes out of his way to have that happen.

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