Sunday, 16 April 2017

Corrie Weekly Awards for April 10 - 14

Don't Feed the Trolls award: It's tough to ignore, though, isn't it?

Financial Aid Fail award: Anna's clothes for cash? How much good is £10.50 going to do to put Kevin in the red because I doubt she'd get very much for that drab old wardrobe.

Do the Right Thing award: The furry Guilt Police worked on David. He gave Kevin and Anna a cheque for £19K, nearly all of his winfall inheritance.

Fashion Fun award: Rosie's Unicorn jammies/onesie.

Musical Ambiance: "Slave to Love" in the pub while Maria was telling David about Aidan.

Rebound award: Michelle and Robert.

Throwback award: Phyllis Pearce was mentioned!

Lines of the week:
Liz "When they say the plates are shifting, don't that mean there's about to be a massive earthquake?"
Audrey "D'you remember Phyllis? She used to light up the room" Gail "with her hair!" (Aww lovely throwback there.)
Gail "Well, two can play at that game!"
David to Maria "I know you don't normally go after other people's blokes" (yes, yes she does. Charlie Stubbs, Toyah's feller that time, Aidan)
At the Gazette: Sophie "There's nobody here" Rosie "It's bank holiday, of course there's nobody here" Sophie "Why didn't you mention it before?" (you were the one in church for Good Friday, couldn't you figure it out?)
Rosie "Name and address or the egg gets it"
 David to the dog "What are you, the guilt police?"

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Martin Leay said...

I missed the Phyllis reference! Who made it and what was said?

Anonymous said...

Sooo cute award
David (Platt) talking to David the pooch. The dog really looked like it was listening to what David. Such a cute moment

Newfy Pearl said...

Martin Laay - it was mentioned in the salon. Gail had come in and David and Maria were acting like a couple for Gail's benefit.

Martin Leay said...

Thanks Newfy - will have to rewatch that.

Jonathan said...

I love the dog, reminds me of Eddie in Frasier.

Anonymous said...

Except canine David is a Yorkshire terrier and Eddie was a Jack Russell

Canuktuk said...

I think it's the act of "listening" that resembles Eddie in Frasier, not the breed.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Maria also steal Tyrone from Fiz when she first came on the street? Or was it the other way around?

Tvor said...

It was the other way around. Maria was Tyrone's first girlfriend and Fiz persued him until she got him.

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