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Friday, 21 April 2017

Coronation Street Weds 19th April episode review

Hiya! It’s just Jordan with this week’s Wednesday’s review.

It’s been a bit of a bombshell week on the cobbles so far this week. It’s soap doing what soap does best: secrets. And what’s the latest secret to slither its way onto our screens? Well, in the episodes screened on Bank Holiday, Shona’s revelation cracked like an Easter egg. She’s Clayton’s mother. That would be Clayton - killer of Kylie – Hibbs.

In a typically twisted soap web, earlier on Monday, Shona had overheard Gail and Sarah discussing the secret of David and the suicide vehicle. Now they’re even, and both Gail and Shona have made a pact of silence regarding their secrets. By Wednesday morning, Gail has managed to keep this enormous secret to herself, and unsurprisingly so. After being able to keep shtum about her fifth husband’s long-lost son not really being his long-lost son, keeping quiet about the true identity of her daughter-in-law’s killer should be a doddle. David the dog conveniently ended up at number 11, which led David the human to go and retrieve him, albeit with the aid of a biscuit provided by a frosty Shona.  Cue a few more sighing exchanges with a weary Gail about how they must keep this a secret, and it doesn’t take a genius to work out that this a secret which will soon be exposed.
"I just want you and your family to stay away"
Amy’s got a bee in her bonnet and a trick up her sleeve. The headstrong daughter of Tracy Barlow is determined she knows who attacked her granddad and is equally determined she knows who didn’t. Having spotted a lunch-lacking Amy on the Street at lunchtime, Adam kindly offers to take his sort-of cousin for lunch at the café, an offer she accepts. However, once seated in the greasy spoon, she wastes no time in shouting the odds at Adam. She knows all his lies, Rosie’s lies and threatens to expose the truth before marching out of the café. This altercation leads Adam to call a meeting at the Bistro with only Daniel and Peter, point-blank accusing Tracy of attacking their dad. 
It’s not the best of days of the Wicked Witch of Weatherfield. Even Luke has started to believe she is involved in Ken’s plight, so much so he has decided to end their relationship, a decision which has left Tracy shocked. But more importantly, Amy takes matters into her own hands. After learning that a worktop was fitted by Pat Phelan the night Ken was attacked, the fiery twelve year old marches down to the phone box and calls DS McKinnon, proclaiming that if Adam Barlow’s fingerprints were to be found on the worktop, that would determine him as guilty.
And as if that wasn’t enough of a dramatic enigma, the episode closed when Tracy found herself face-to-face with an old flame. After being locked up for almost three years for the murder of everyone’s favourite gorgeously gobby barmaid, Rob has managed to escape, run and for the meantime – hide.

Elsewhere, Fiz has bumped into a face from the past. It turns out that Kim, who she was once in care with, is now a lecturer at the college she attends.  Even Roy remembers Kim, and Fiz is thrilled when they arrange to meet for a drink in the Rovers. Tyrone is initially cool and calm about this Kim, probably expecting Kym Marsh to turn up at the pub. However, he is knocked for six when Fiz gleefully throws her arms round a dishy fella apparently named Kim. He sat in a strop throughout the meeting and played the typical jealous-not-jealous husband throughout to an oblivious Fiz.

Meanwhile, Craig presses Sarah for some information about Bethany. She’s been ignoring his calls and Sarah reluctantly explains that will be because she is spending more and more time with boyfriend Nathan at the tanning salon. She expresses her concern to lovely Craig and suggests he goes to the salon to visit her, thinking she would appreciate it. Rather predictably, after he has been to see his friend at the tanning salon, Nathan immediately starts to tear Bethany away from him, convincing her that he is after her affections and insisting she stay away from him.
A decent episode. Elle Mulvaney as Amy Barlow has proven once again what a promising young actress she is. Shona is also a brilliant newcomer, played spectacularly by Julia Goulding and it will be interesting to see how this secret unfolds, even if the whole thing is a little contrived. Corrie is unfortunately contrived nowadays, but the best way to enjoy that is to look past that and see it for what it is: a continuously contrived, continuously camp continuing drama.
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Anonymous said...

Fiz's storyline sounds similar to Michelle's childhood sweetheart Will a few months ago.
It's ridiculous and very contrived that Fiz didn't tell Tyrone that Kim was a guy so when he finds out he would be jealous while they talk about old times.
Since Gail caught Shona snooping in HER house,I don't understand why she didn't have Shona arrested for trespassing and both her and Sarah deny what Shona claimed she heard instead of another tedious secrets storyline.

Maricha said...

How could they? Sarah has already blabbed about the suicide/accident to Gary.
Because of that Gary has already gotten David to hand over the most money he will likely ever have at one time to Anna so what incentive would he have to keep his mouth shut?

Rapunzel said...

I'm with Tyrone here. This Kim has a University teaching job. Are we sure he's not another John Stape, come to beguile our Fiz with his edumacation??

Anonymous said...

It's not Gail's house, David owns it. David also gave Shona the keys to his house, she had a legitimate reason to be there, so hardly trespassing

Llywela said...

Thanks for the review - but Adam doesn't have any brothers. He is Peter and Daniel's nephew.

Newfy Pearl said...

Enjoyed the review - but why say that Amy is Adam's 'sort of' cousin? Adam is her cousin just as Simon is.


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