Tuesday, 11 April 2017

CBC Canadian Corrie schedule changes


It's that time of year again, NHL Playoff time.
This just in from CBC:

Due to scheduling changes starting WEDNESDAY, April 12, Coronation Street on CBC will be seen at the following time per region:
11:30 AM North
3:00 PM B.C.
4:00 PM Toronto/Ottawa/Manitoba/Saskatchewan/Alberta
6:30 PM Quebec/Windsor
7:30 PM /8NT Maritimes and Newfoundland (no change)

The Sunday Corrie Catch-up remains unaffected (8:00-10:30 a.m. local time).

Coronation Street returns to its regular weeknight time of 7:30/8NT on June 19.

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Maricha said...


Diane said...

For people in Toronto who work later and miss the 4pm showing, it repeats on cbc at 11:30pm. Always good for when I get in late :-)

Maricha said...

I hope they keep up with that during the playoffs.

Diane said...

Theyve been doing it over a yr now. The odd time sports/news things pushed late, they moved corrie to midnight but not very often

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