Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Coronation Street spoiler: David and Maria to get together?

With Maria out of prison next week, Gail decides to turn her hand to matchmaking - and get Maria and David together.
In next week's Coronation Street delusional Gail reckons David needs a new woman in his life, and Maria could be the one. This is from the woman who married the fella who burgled her house!

Inside Soap magazine reveal that when David and Maria find out what Gail's up to, they play along and pretend they're falling for each other.

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Tvor said...

No no no no no no no no no
David might have had a crush on her when he was young but it would never work. Maria knows him too well!

Maricha said...

Gail really needs to find something to occupy her time if she's turning to matchmaking with her past.

abbyk said...

Nooooooo, they've been workmates for too long. Besides, Maria is closer with Audrey Han she ever was with David.

Laura said...

Ugh, can't imagine this happening. Maria will remember David's history and think she is above him, and I can't see David being happy with Maria after being with people like Tina and Kylie. She doesn't seem to fit his taste in women at all.

Canadian watcher said...

I love the idea of David & Maria messing with Gail's head. Both characters are long overdue for a light-hearted story line!

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