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Corrie Fan Sites Pay Tribute to Martyn Hett

By @PickledJo
From Jo Blakeley, Freelance Illustrator/Cartoonist. Loves Corrie, Star Wars and Thundercats.
Twitter: @PickledJo
"I know Martyn wouldn't want us to mope. He would want to be celebrated. He was an entertainer. He lit up the internet and touched the lives of countless people bringing them laughter and joy with his wicked sense of humour. We were mutual fans of each other and worked together to make art gifts for his loved ones. Always of soap divas of course. The world is a duller place without his colourful personality. Goodbye Fabulous Martyn".

From Paul Lanagan, twitter: @CorrieArt

"I never met Martyn Hett but as a fan of ITV's Coronation Street it was impossible to not know who he was! He was an ever-present part of the Corrie fandom and renowned across the land for his Deirdre Barlow tattoo.  Martyn famously compiled the ‘Audrey Roberts Noise’ video and I shall think of him whenever I see Sue Nicholls on screen.  I have created an Audrey Roberts meme and will Tweet this (along with the hashtag #AudreyRobertsNoise) in memory of Martyn, who was tragically killed in the Manchester Arena bombing, whenever Audrey makes her famous “hmm?” on screen."

From Corriepedia

"We run a very dry site, albeit informative, about a programme that is fun to watch - and very, very funny! Martyn saw that side of it and his compilation of the Audrey sound was precisely the sort of thing that we fans should concentrate on - not plot-hole picking or negative things like that. His love for Deirdre and her character tropes was hilarious and a great example of how Corrie is loved rather than just liked. When funny, witty, energetic people like him sit down to view and comment, you know you're watching, to quote Grace Dent in The Guardian, "the greatest TV show on the planet". Martyn made the truth of that statement abundantly clear."

From Michael and Gemma at Conversation Street

"Like the rest of the Coronation Street fan community, we were left reeling at the news of Martyn's death this week. We're sorry to say that our paths never really crossed - either online or off - but we certainly knew of him by reputation! Corrie has always been known for its warmth and humour, never taking itself completely seriously, and as a fan, Martyn was the living embodiment of this. We remember the laughter he brought to the podcast when we reported on his two most iconic Corrie tributes - the keen-eyed mischievousness of his 'Audrey Roberts Noise' video and the boldness of his epic Deirdre tattoo - and from reading the numerous other tributes to him online this week, it's clear he lit up the lives of many, many others. We may never have met him, but as a Corrie enthusiast, Martyn was one of us - and his contribution to the fandom will forever live on in our hearts."
From Michael Adams at Corrie St Collection

"Well what can I say about Martyn? Not only did he make me laugh and smile week in and week out through his endless Coronation Street creations, but his sheer support for my posts here at the Coronation Street Blog, and for the Corrie Collection was immense. I often referenced him within my blog posts and I'd always get a little message thanking me for doing so, and to say he had added it to his reading list for the morning commute to work.
I would watch an episode of Corrie and wait for his response, whether it be a YouTube video (the rather risqué "Gail Mail" was my personal favourite), or simply just a tweet with a funny screenshot from the episode. When it came to launching Coronation Street: A Collection, we spoke at length about what memorabilia we both had and he was so envious that I owned the wedding jacket worn by "his" Deirdre.
Martyn was always posting on his social media pages, and through his popularity he gained some form of 'celebrity status' which meant no matter who you spoke to, they knew of Martyn or one of his creations - almost always it was the "Audrey Roberts Noise". I mean, who doesn't love that? Even Sue Nicholls herself was a fan. I am so thankful that we still have all of these videos, which serve as a reminder of what a fantastic, fabulous and iconic person Martyn was."

And finally, as editor of the Coronation Street Blog, I would like to say a a huge thank you to Martyn for his support of the Blog over many years. In 2016 Martyn wrote an article in the Manchester Evening News about ITV's Deirdre Barlow tribute book where he praised our Blog as "a place of worship for disciples of the cobbles".

Martyn guest-blogged about Corrie for us and if you'd like to, you can read his blog posts as follows:

We have lost a much loved member of the Coronation Street online family. I hope that Deirdre will be watching over him with a glass of red wine - and plenty of gossip too. 

RIP Martyn Hett xx

And now, there's only one thing left to do... it's time for the Audrey Roberts Noise!

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Corrie characters in my community

This is a piece I wrote back in January 2016. I've decided to repost it as it was inspired by a creation from one of Coronation Street's superfans, Martyn Hett, who sadly died in the Manchester Attacks earlier in the week. 

I've taken inspiration for this latest blog from a piece of Corrie fun which hit the headlines earlier this week. If you follow Street fan Martyn Hett on Twitter, you may have just seen him tweeting Facebook profiles of Americans who have the same names as the residents of Weatherfield - yet are unaware of their Mancunian relations.

Sally Webster - but not as you know her! Credit: @MartynHett on Twitter
Martyn's find has got me thinking - which of my friends, family and neighbours have similar personalities to our beloved Corrie characters? Trust me, there's some ridiculously obvious ones, but they just don't realise!

Ken Barlow
I branded my mum "the Ken Barlow of our street" a few days back. No, she's not an intellectual man in his early 80s, but she certainly has lived in the same place since day one. Albeit a few years here and there, my mum has so far lived in two properties in my street, and as of next week, will work in the shop a few doors away from our house. All we need now is a few other shops and a pharmacy and she'll never have to leave...

The ones that stick around...

The best (and sometimes worst) thing about my area is that everyone knows each other, and each other's ins and outs - but I'll reach that point later on.

2016 marks 50 years since my Grandad and his immediate neighbours have lived in their houses, and they've stuck around for half a century to see many residents come and go. They're very much the Emily Bishop and Rita Sullivan's of my street.

Nosey Norris Cole

Now there's an awful lot of these. Don't get me wrong - we all love a good bit of gossip, but some of my neighbours could write biographies about eachother (very much like our Norris, remember when Tracy killed Charlie and he probed the police officer for information?) Sometimes I'm worried my neighbours know more about me than I do!

The Carla Connor Wine Consumption Brigade (TCCWCB)

This applies to almost everyone. Very much like cigarettes, wine is commonly used as a stress reliever for quite a lot of people - across the country. Now I'm not saying that they're all getting themselves into gambling debts, but I definitely think that most people have a bit of Carla Connor in them, which I think is a good thing. Wine makes people go all funny. I like funny.

I've tried to be as constructive as possible in this blog - as you can imagine, comparing my friends, family and neighbours to fictional, melodramatic and psychopathic television characters has the potential to be slightly risqué. However, I find it humbling that because Coronation Street has so many diverse characters, it's ridiculously relatable. How brilliant.

Got Twitter? You can go and follow me if you like. @MichaelAdamsUk.

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Interview: Bhavna Limbachia on her battle with hypothyroidism

Bhavna Limbachia, who plays Coronation Street's Rana Nazir, has spoken this week about suffering with hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism, also known as having an underactive thyroid gland, is a condition in which your thyroid gland doesn't produce enough hormones and can leave you feeling tired, depressed and gain weight more easily.

Bhavna told the Mirrir: "Around five years ago I noticed I was waking up feeling exhausted every day, as if I'd just run a marathon, despite having had eight or nine hours of sleep a night. I'm an active person and my life as an actress is pretty busy."

"At the time I was filming Citizen Khan so initially I thought I was just run down from that.'

However, as time went on Bhavna started to notice more symptoms that can come with hypothyroidism, such as aching muscles, sore joints, dry skin and hair and sensitivity to the cold.

'I tried to rest a bit more, but then my joints started aching and if I watched television for an hour or two my knees would lock. Initially I thought it was an age thing! But when I explained my symptoms to my doctor - that my hair was getting a bit brittle and that I was sensitive to the cold - I was sent for blood tests.'

'They said there was no cure and I would need medication for ever. That did scare me. I thought it was going to change my life, so being told this felt quite overwhelming.'

The Corrie star is now trying to raise awareness about hypothyroidism,

'Now I've got it myself I'd really like to raise awareness, because it's important for people to know that it isn't the end of the world.'

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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Watch Video Teasers of Corrie's Life-Changing Week

Next week on Coronation Street, ITV tell us, will be a life-changing week.  They've released a short trailer to give us a sneak preview of some of the action that's lined up.

Coronation Street will be on every night next week, from Monday 29 May to Friday 2 June at the later time of 9pm every night.

So, what's in store?  Well, in this 30 second clip, we see Leanne and Nick on a day out at the beach, then Nick's up to his neck in quicksand and Peter's yelling at him: "Come on! Fight for her!"

Have a look for yourself at the video, below:

And things are looking even worse for Bethany. In the video spoiler below you'll see it all unfold.

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Martyn Hett Has Died in Manchester

Our hearts, prayers and thoughts go to Martyn Hett's family.  It has today been confirmed that Martyn died in the attack at Manchester Arena on Monday night.

Martyn was a huge Coronation Street fan and part of the online Corrie family of fans. He was 29 years old.

Martyn was the creator of "The Audrey Roberts Noise" videos on YouTube and also featured on TV when he had Deirdre Barlow tattooed on his leg.  He wrote for the Blog now and then, sharing his insights into his favourite characters.

When the time is right, we will celebrate Martyn's life here on the Coronation Street Blog.

For now, we leave you with thoughts from Martyn's soulmate Russell Hayward.

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Interview: Ben Price on Nick's final story

Ben Price, who plays Nick Tilsley in Coronation Street has given his exit interview to Radio Times and admits that "I was surprised by Nick's final storyline."

Well, quicksand will do that to you, I guess!

First he talks about his decision to leave Coronation Street and says he wants to spend more time with his family: "The decision to go is based on wanting to spend more time with my family. I live a couple of hundred miles away from Manchester and I was away most weeks and have been for many years now, so it was time. Of course, I agonised over it as I’ve had the best time of my career here. I’ve had the best storylines and worked with the best family, so it was tough to decide to leave all that behind."

He says his story highlights over the years have been "my first Christmas at the Platts, getting to work with Jane Danson, opening the Joinery which became the Bistro, then the live episode."

And on his departure storyline and the quicksand, Ben admits: "I was a bit surprised and wanted to know how it tied into everything that has been happening to Nick. But it does tie in brilliantly. Psychologically, Nick is losing his perspective over the whole situation with Steve and Oli. It all boils down to him wanting his own child and now he finds himself having to deal with two fathers to two sons that he is helping to bring up. He isn't happy with that situation and can't deal with it."

But is he planning to try and kill himself? "No, not at all," Ben says. "He’s just stormed off onto a very dangerous part of the beach without realising.

And asked if he was taking anything with him when he goes, he says: "I’d like Nick’s Crombie coat if they will let me - that is the only thing I want to take."

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