Thursday, 6 April 2017

Tabloids report a return to Coronation Street for Emily Bishop

The tabloids this week are reporting a return to Coronation Street for Eileen Derbyshire as Emily Bishop. 

Sadly, there isn't any evidence to support the rumours, just a lot of "insider quotes" as follows:

A show source for Coronation Street told the Star: "She’s on a break and the door is open. There hasn’t been any contact from Eileen saying she intends to leave."

And Mr Curry Sauce tells The Sun: “All of her cast mates have accepted she won’t be returning. She’s 85 and has been out of the show for a year, so she probably would have found it tough to get back into the fast pace of filming.

"That aside, Eileen’s family is her absolute priority, and she has devoted herself to them since deciding on her break last November. Of course, as far as the bosses are concerned, there will always be a place for her on the show.

"She has not told them she wants to quit, but those around her know she won’t be back. And her friends on set know she’s on the brink of retirement."

The actress, who holds an MBE for services to drama, is one of the show's longest serving cast members.

I'd love to see Emily back, even just very briefly, to give the character and actress a proper farewell after many, many years of enjoying watching her on screen.  But if the actress has chosen to bow out quietly and without fuss, then we must respect that too.

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Maricha said...

Of course, she knows best but I do miss seeing her, if only once in a while.

abbyk said...

I miss her, too, and would prefer to see her return even if only for one last sherry with the gang as she tells her tales of Peru. A longstanding character like hers deserves a resolution to her story. Even a sad letter from Spider would be better than just letting her fade away.

Louby said...

I have missed her too. I agree, she needs to be written out properly.

abbyk said...

If they do let her die, will she leave anything to goddaughter Tracy? Enough to buy the florists, perhaps?

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