Friday, 14 April 2017

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Fri 14 April

IT’S A GOOD FRIDAY FOR MICHELLE Steve calls on Michelle and telling her how much he still loves her, begs her to attend marriage counselling with him that afternoon. When Robert offers Michelle the manager’s job at the bistro she’s grateful and confides in him how Steve wants her to attend marriage guidance. Burying his own feelings, Robert encourages her to go. As Steve waits for Michelle will she decide to give their marriage another go or does her heart lie elsewhere?
GARY AND SARAH CLASH OVER DAVID’S LEGACY Kevin and Anna break the news to Tyrone that the garage is facing bankruptcy. But when Sarah lets slip to Gary about David’s £20k windfall, Gary’s furious, pointing out that he nearly killed Anna who’s struggling to make ends meet.
ROSIE AND SOPHIE TAKE ACTION Determined to track down Sally’s online troll, Rosie and Sophie pay the Gazette offices a visit. Rosie’s taken aback to come face to face with the photographer who twisted her words over Sally’s building site protest and using it to her advantage, demands he gives them some information.
ELSEWHERE When Jenny discusses wedding plans, Johnny becomes flustered but she remains oblivious to his stress. However as Kate watches him struggle to focus while proofreading invitations she can tell there’s something wrong. When Anna refuses to let Faye attend Seb’s sentencing, she secretly arranges to go with Phelan instead.

ANNA’S SHOCKED BY DAVID’S GESTURE Fired up, Gary confronts David and points out that whilst he’s enjoying his new found wealth, Anna and Kevin are facing bankruptcy. Awash with guilt, David reaches a decision.
ROSIE CHANNELS SALLY AS SHE PLAYS HARD BALL Rosie and Sophie threaten the photographer and force him to hand over the details of the online troll who posted Sally’s obituary in the paper. Will they find the evidence they need to uncover the identity of Sally’s troll?
ELSEWHERE Phelan and Faye return from court. Johnny stumbles as he leaves the pub. Kate’s convinced he’s drinking too much but Johnny brushes her off leaving her perturbed, especially
when she finds out he was on soft drinks.

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Anonymous said...

I think the troll may turn out to be Sally's long lost sister. We've seen press pictures of Rosie and Sophie tracking her down, plus an interview with the actress, so she will appear soon. Sally never mentions her - are they on bad terms? That would explain the trolling.

Maricha said...

I do want David to give Anna a substantial compensation but not for it to end up getting sunk into Kevin's garage. He wasn't found guilty of arson and just needs to raise a stink to get his insurance to pay what he's owed.

This is the Gary/Owen mess all over again. They got in trouble with Phelan (against her wishes) but she was the one who got used to get them out of it.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's disloyalty to her family shows it's ugly head again as she tells Gary something about David which is none of their business.
I think Sarah told Gary due to her spiteful jealousy over David's must deserved good fortune while she lost her windfall to Phelan.

Enhas said...

Sarah has never liked David, so that is probably the case.

Also, it's not exactly a "gesture" when you're threatened (probably with violence) to do something, and of course the price will be the entire windfall.

I wouldn't be surprised if, after David has received the money and given it away, that some kind of problem will come up and he'll be forced to return all the money. Only Anna won't give any of it back, and in a reversal of fortune the Platts will lose everything.

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