Friday, 14 April 2017

Has Spice drug made its way to Coronation Street?

Yesterday, we blogged that pictures had been taken showing Tim finding Sally's sister Gina Seddon. And Gina looks much the worse for wear, sadly.   You can read more on that here.

And today, The Star is reporting that Gina may be a drug addict, hooked on synethetic cannabis known as Spice.

The drug has wreaked havoc on the streets and was featured last night in a Channel 4 news report from Manchester.

So, if Gina is addicted to Spice, this is a very timely story indeed. Spice causes users to suffer with severe psychotic episodes as well as strong hallucinations. It can even cause vomiting and seizures.

And coming off the drug is even harder than ditching crack cocaine and heroin according to experts.

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Jonathan said...

She's a spice addict? Sounds like something out of Dune.

Newfy Pearl said...

Okay so we have a teen being groomed for a sex ring, a returning character brings the latest form of drug addiction, and who knows what else? Is this really making Corrie better?

Jonathan said...

Well yes

Maricha said...

A bit old to be getting hooked on the latest designer drug.

Anonymous said...

Another drugs storyline?It's the third one in a few weeks.
I'm also disappointed that many underused characters,Norris for example are pushed aside for relatives of characters who have been featured too much already.

Anonymous said...

Sрice girl she certainly isn't ;)

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