Sunday, 16 April 2017

Amy Barlow: Is this the face of a Corrie killer?

Is this the face of a killer?  ITV Coronation Street want us to think so as they've added Amy Barlow to the list of suspects in Who Pushed Ken?

The official ITV Corrie website says that on the night that Ken was attacked, Amy was due to be at her violin recital, but she never turned up.

And in next week's Corrie, Amy will phone the cops to have this family member Adam arrested.

Could it be she's trying to deflect attention away from herself as the culprit? I think not.  You can read more on that in my Corrie and the Red Herring post.

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Maricha said...

It isn't her unless they change what was said in the storyline; Ken wasn't just hit on the head but also had marks on his wrists.
Even a child can hit someone on the head but only an adult or older teen could then drag their victim around. That fact makes me think Ken wasn't on the stairs at all but the attacker needed him to be found away from where the assault actually took place because it would point to them.

Newfy Pearl said...

Sound reasoning about Amy not being physically able to have committed the crime.
I think they are just throwing another red herring in there.

Anonymous said...

Ken was on blood thinners after his stroke so he would bruise very easily, even by Amy.

Maricha said...

That's true but would a child even attempt to move an adult and why would she need to? Amy lives there just like Ken so no matter where he's found she doesn't look any more, or less,
I have to admit I think it will turn out to be an accident or outsider like Seb or Rob instead of a Barlow so maybe I'm being willfully blind :-)

Tvor said...

She's deflecting attention, all right, but I think she probably thinks her mother did it.

Maricha said...

I agree. She probably heard her mom and Luke discussing that Tracy wasn't with him when Ken was attacked.

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