Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Coronation Street spoiler: Michelle seduces Nick

Well, don't these two look cosy?  In next week's Coronation Street we'll see Michelle try to seduce Nick around the soft furnishings. 

Inside Soap magazine reveal that Michelle comes on to Nick as her way of getting revenge on Steve for fathering Leanne's baby. 

(Although I remain convinced that the baby's really Peter's and you can read my half-baked theory here).

Michelle's seduction attempt comes at the end of another emotional work for Mrs McD.  She hacks into Steve's email account and finds pics of him playing happy families with Leanne and baby Oliver.

Meanwhile, Nick organises a meeting with his solicitor to stop Steve from getting access to the baby. However, he doesn't tell Leanne what he's gone and done.

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Tvor said...

What a surprise. Not. Mee-chelle wants to destroy Leanne and that's the best she can think of? Zero sympathy for her now.

Maricha said...

Well I am surprised. Me-chelle is even dumber than I thought. If she thinks Leanne wants Steve, wouldn't seducing Nick make her a free woman?
On the other hand, if she thinks Leanne loves Nick, then why be this angry at her over the baby since that would mean Steve and Leanne weren't carrying on behind her back and the pregnancy was an accident? If Michelle asked she would find out how and when the baby was conceived and realize this situation was bad but not horrible.

Laura said...

Interesting point, Maricha - I'm in Canada so I haven't seen this play out yet...but does Michelle know when the baby was conceived?

Maricha said...

Not yet, she's been too busy with her pity party to let anyone get a word in edgewise so she's imagining the worst.