Saturday, 11 March 2017

Coronation Street spoiler: Michelle and Robert's affair

Coronation Street producer Kate Oates is interviewed in the current edition of SoapLife magazine.  She talks aboutu Michelle and Robert's developing relationship and confirms it's going to turn into a full-blown affair.

After a snog with someone totally unexpected (I suspect it'll be Nick - have a look here) Michelle goes to stay with Carla in late March. And when she returns, she finally gets together with Robert Preston.

"I rather like Michelle with Robert," says Kate. "He hasn't put a foot wrong and he's done the right thing by Michelle - and not made a move on her. In fact, he's almost apologetic for having feelings for her. I find that kind of unselfishness refreshing in soap. But it won't all be hearts and flowers for this pair.  Robert's an alpha male and tougher than Steve. Michelle shouldn't expect that his very deep feelings for her will mean she can push him around."

Kate Oates also revealed Nick Tilsley's leaving storyline.

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Pat said...

'Hasn't put a foot wrong' and 'not made a move on her' ? What was going round to a depressed woman's house with a bottle of tequila and encouraging her to drink it then?

Newfy Pearl said...

Haha! Well said Pat. I thought the same thing.
But from what I have read when Michelle tries to break up Nick and Leanne Robert is maybe this is a turning point.
The March trip will put distance and I will look forward to Michelle and Robert getting together. It will be interesting to see Michelle's character in dealing with an 'alpha' male. lol
I think it will be good to see Steve with someone other than Michelle too. He really did become snivelling with no back bone each time he was with her. I think the standing up and claiming his son is actually showing the return of strong Steve. I saw this when he left Michelle for Becky too.

Lateboomer said...

I think this is exactly what Michelle needs - she's so used to being able to push Steve around it'll be refreshing to see how she reacts to someone who won't take that sort of behaviour.

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

I agree Pat, Robert has been practically stalking Michelle.

The thing I hate about this Michelle/Robert storyline is that it was patently obvious months and months ago that this is what was going to happen. The storyliners make their thinking so glaringly transparent, it really rankles with me.

They don't seem to remember that for ages Michelle and Robert had absolutely no interaction whatsoever and Michelle hated Robert when Carla was still there.

Maricha said...

I'm for anything that gets Steve away from Michelle.
Robert hasn't been all that subtle about being interested in her and it has verged on creepy but that's from a viewers perspective. I don't think that's how it would seem to Michelle who has just enjoyed always having his shoulder to cry on without wondering why he was always around to offer that shoulder.

Rapunzel said...

To be fair, we'd be more critical if Robert and Michelle's affair came out of nowhere. At least by having them become increasingly closer over several months, their inevitable pairing is both predictable and understandable.

Kiwi fan said...

After watching Coro St for 44 years & a tour of the street that we loved. My husband has stopped watching as he said the story lines were way too predictable & he was spot on with this story line . So sad now I don't have anyone to talk to about whats happening on the show

Newfy Pearl said...

I know what you mean Kiwi fan. I am in Canada and most people I know watch it on the CBC. So they are two weeks behind. I love this site. I don't get a lot of direct communication to my comments, and my love of Tracy Barlow is unpopular lol, but it is my main source of discussing the show. I enjoy readying the comments and who doesn't like discussing something they enjoy!

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