Saturday, 11 March 2017

Coronation Street spoiler: Nick Tilsley's leaving storyline revealed

I've been out to the shops bright and early this morning to buy the latest edition of Soaplife magazine as they have an interview with Corrie producer Kate Oates inside.

Kate talks about some of the current storylines and hints where things might be heading.  Speaking about Ben Price leaving the show as Nick Tilsley, Kate Oates says that Nick will be leaving sooner rather than later in a truly explosive storyline that will involve baby Oli's paternity.

"That's an issue," Kate tells Soaplife. "Nick's vision of having a happy family with Leane Battersby was shattered when Steve McDonald announced that he, not Nick, is baby Oli's dad.  Steve can be a pushover at times, but he's going to go to war with Nick over Oliver."

Well, that's all well and good - if Steve is indeed the dad.  But I'm not convinced he is.  I reckon Peter's the dad to baby Oli as Leanne spent time in Portsmouth nine months before Oli was born. That's just my own speculation, of course, which you can read more about here.

Bbut wouldn't it be great? And that... that would be an explosive enough storyline which could cause Nick to leave Weatherfield.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Peter and Leanne were the best of the all the permutations and it would make a dramatic storyline: Peter having to choose between the possibility of a child with Toyah or the reality with Leanne. I don't think Peter and Toyah has worked at all, and can't be sure why. I feel uncomfortable watching their scenes and wonder if the actors, themselves, feel uncomfortable. Having said all that, it would be true soap suds if the writers suddenly pull that one out of the bag - and not in a good way. Have they done a DNA test on baby Oli?

TLC said...

I guess because this is a Soap, reality can be altered at any moment. I don't like the idea of re-writing history in this case. And, i do believe that is what they are doing. Leanne seemed in complete shock over her pregnancy and seemed to be darn sure it was the worst scenario possible - she had slept with Steve - Michelle's husband. I would think, at that time, that the possibility of Peter or even. Nick as the real father would have shocked her less. Doesn't make sense to me, to re-write Peter as the Daddy, UNLESS, Peter confesses that Leanne was really drunk and he took advantage of her weak state? It can't have been a drunken fumble, as Leanne would never be near Peter if he was drunk.

Newfy Pearl said...

The more I think of this though I think your theory is plausible and could be easily written in. I think the baby did come a couple of weeks early? And we see how conflicted Leanne is about Peter...she knows he is like poison....but let's face it - unlike he and Toyah...Leanne and Peter have chemistry!
Her emotions of the involvement with Steve and Michelle could be chalked up to desperation....and the lesser of two evils...rather deal with Steve and the turmoil than having Peter back in her life in such a permanent way.
Wow! You really have me thinking now. lol
P.S. I hope they let Nick leave with some dignity.....his character did have such potential.

Rapunzel said...

A lot of women experience what they think is their period but what is in fact just early pregnancy spotting. That can fool them about conception dates. So it could be that Leanne and Peter did do the deed but Leanne ruled out the possibility as she thought she'd had her period since then. Although you'd think Peter would have at least asked about it. And I do recall leanne saying that Steve was the first since Kal died. But I guess that could be explained away due to embarrassment.

Rapunzel said...

It would be a great twist if Amy tormented Simon about being Olly's real biological sibling, only for it to turn out Simon and Olly were half brothers all along.

Laura said...

It would be a little hard to swallow that Peter's the dad, but Toyah's reaction to the news would almost be worth it, lol

As for this meaning that Peter would be in Leanne's life in a permanent way, that's already happened with her taking over custody of Simon.

If Peter turns out to be the biological father, Simon's reaction would be interesting. He knows Peter is not a great dad, and we've seen his protective side when he was worried about Leanne throughout her pregnancy. Would he be protective of his brother, and not want Peter taking on the father role, knowing that he'll most likely blow it? Or would he expect/hope that Leanne and Peter will get back together and try to make a go of it as a family (which I don't see happening)? If the latter happened, and Peter does better by Oli than he did by Simon (yes, I know, fat chance of that happening), there would be lots of material for future rivalry storylines between the brothers.

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