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Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 13th March

Nathan's in the nick again, but this time Bethany agrees to lie for him. Reluctant at first, she seems to give in to Mel just so Nathan can come 'round for his tea (and therefore shut her mum up). Lying badly to the police, she nonetheless springs Nasty Nathan from prison in time for Sarah's shepherd's pie and Gary's sarcastic remarks. Keen not to alienate Bethany and keep her where she can see her, Sarah suggests that she, her daughter, Gary and Harry all move in together, although Bethany doesn't think much of the idea. Chillingly, Nathan announces to Mel that tomorrow they will be showing off his "new asset".

And Gail is now besties with Shona, whose ears prick up when Gail mentions that the boyfriend Sarah is meeting is called Nathan. Shona describes her last, unhealthy relationship, where he got her into debt and physically abused her. I think we know who this is, don't we, gang?

Another person just out of chokey is "how do you solve a problem like" Maria. Aidan is distracted, worrying that she will reveal all to Eva, so Johnny takes things in hand by picking Maria up from the big house and asks her to keep the beans unspilled in return for some "treats", a suggestion that Maria treats with the contempt it deserves. She goes home to find she's now got a flatmate, Michelle, whose determination to seek vengeance inspires the crimper, but Maria holds fire by lulling Johnny and Aidan into a false sense of security. Revenge is a dish served icy.

It's Fay(e)'s birthday but Anna can only afford to buy her a bottle of nail varnish. Roy overhears and gives Anna a £100 bonus, which goes straight to Fay(e), to Kevin's displeasure. I'm with Kev, what about something practical, like a savings account or a job lot of contraceptive pills? The other groomer on the street, Phelan slips Seb a twenty to buy her a present, which he more sensibly spends on flowers. This is not enough to convince Anna that he is a suitable match for her daughter, especially when he reveals that he has been excluded from school and he's working for Evil Phelan and then (unbeknownst to Anna), persuades Fay(e) to spend her birthday cash on matching tattoos.

Steve and Peter shake hands on a deal to sell the Rovers but Liz is more circumspect, saying that if they get a cash offer, they'll take that instead. She is concerned that Leanne's sister is inadvertently funding the McDonald's legal fight for access to Oliver Battersby-Tilsley. However, Leanne is prepared to give Steve unofficial access to the baby and even takes a photo of him, Steve and Liz, which will probably come back to bite her on the bottom at some point.

Meanwhile, Toyah persuades Tracy to buy the florists 'n' flat from Peter, using the oldest trick in the book - extreme flattery. The brother in question is now being tracked and followed by sexpot Chloe, who sells him a story about her ex stalking her. Pot calling, Chloe! By the flamingo flock wallpaper, she spins a tale about how scared she is of her ex. Chloe has more front than Blackpool and more leather than the average dairy cow.

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Newfy Pearl said...

What we know that Gary doesn't.....Martin (Sarah's step dad/adopted dad?) got in a relationship with Sarah's 16 year old friend...he was 19 years older than Katie. Katie's family did not take it well (who would?) Katie was alienated from her family....ended up killing her dad...then later killed herself. I think Sarah is doing the right thing...but I am glad she has Gary there for support. I love Sarah and Gary as a couple.
Also it is interesting to see the relationship going on with Gail and Shona...she is obviously a victim of Nathan and this should be very interesting when things get moving along with this story.

Maricha said...

I think it's too soon for Sarah to move into a home with Gary and Bethany. Just a couple of months ago Bethany was attracted to Gary. For all we know the reason why she's clinging to Nathan is that it's a good way to avoid Gary and being embarrassed about how she felt about him. Sarah should focus more on her kids and keep Gary as a boyfriend for a while and until Bethany is more settled.

Princessmaryjanekoa said...

Just noticed that the music playing near the end of the episode (Teardrop by Massive Attack) was the same music used during the climax of the Sarah and Gary storyline in 2001 that Sarah mentioned this week. It seems to have been removed on YouTube now though :( It's an interesting callback to the show's history regardless.

Newfy Pearl said...

I am really liking Katie Oakes for these little touches. She is really respecting the history of the show.

Laura said...

Haven't seen the episode yet, being in Canada, but it's a bit rich that Maria is considering revenge on Aiden. She is as guilty as he is, and this is at least the third time she's been someone's bit on the side. No pleas of ignorance on this one.

Cannot wait for Eva to find out and scorch the lot of them. Richly deserved. Will also bring her and Toyah closer - Toyah tried to warn her about Maria.

Pat said...

Has Sarah been taking fashion tips from Liz? I thought her clothes were totally unsuitable for meeting her daughter's boyfriend, but maybe I'm just an old fuddy duddy!

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