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Corrie weekly update - Jon-Jen and a putrid Cupid

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First off, let’s have a look at what’s going on with Toyah. She and Peter are still snogging in secret and Peter pleads with Simon to stay quiet about him and Toyah for the sake of Leanne’s health. Well, the doctor’s told Leanne to avoid stress for the sake of her baby, so Simon does what he’s told. But after Toyah and Peter have a snog-fest in Leanne and Nick’s flat while everyone’s out, Peter leaves his packet of fags behind. Leanne asks who they belong to and Simon has to lie and say that they’re his. You really feel for Simon, the poor kid, who tells Toyah he hates her. Eva’s not keen on her either, she feels she’s wheedling he way in to Leanne’s life in a way that Eva can’t, she hasn’t got the history with Leanne that Toyah has and she’s jealous. And so after bickering at the bar with Toyah, Eva’s not happy with her half-sister’s half-sister.  When she finds Simon crying in the ginnel after arguing with Leanne who thinks he’s taken up smoking, Eva wants to know what’s going on. Simon reveals all about Toyah and his dad.
Phelan gets his claws in at Kev’s house this week after he rescues Anna who falls down the stairs. Kev’s called out on a breakdown and Anna’s alone in the house with little Jack. Jack has the presence of mind to go out into the street to get help after Anna falls and lies motionless at the bottom of the stairs, but the first person Jack runs into to ask for help is Pat Phelan. Pat gets Anna back on her feet after he breaks into the house via the back door to help save her. When Kev returns from the breakdown to find Phelan fixing the door and Anna in a state, he’s not best pleased. Despite that, he leaves Phelan when he and Anna go upstairs to bed. Phelan takes his cue and rifles through Kev’s jacket pockets after he’d heard Kevin say that the papers for the purchase of his new breakdown van are in there. This was all a bit too obvious to my mind, a bit clunky, but sometimes you just have to follow Corrie if you want to stick with it, and this was one of those times. Phelan then rings the company that Kev’s buying his new truck from, pretends to be Kev and asks for the delivery address of the truck to be changed. He then nicks Kev’s phone as he has to email the company as confirmation that he’s Kev, when he’s not.
Last week it looked like Andy had done a runner after his run-in with Phelan, but no, he’s still here. Steph finds him packing his bag in the flat and asks him to stay, which he does, but he’s got a face on. Steph’s mate Peggy arrives this week and falls for Robert, who tells her he’s not interested as he’s got his eye on someone else. When Michelle hears Steph and Peggy discuss this in the pub and wonder who that someone else is, her eyebrows perk up.

Speaking of Michelle, Liz and Steve arrange a baby shower for her for Monday night next week. Toyah also arranges a baby shower on the same night for Leanne. There’s some wonderful confusion over who’s going to which baby shower and then Liz makes it clear in the Rovers that Michelle’s baby shower is the one that should come first. Michelle asks Leanne to have a joint baby shower, to which Leanne agrees. 
Mary almost left this week when she jumped in a taxi to head off to South Africa with her son Jude she’d known for twenty minutes. Norris sits home alone on the stairs and cries but he’s not upset for long before Mary’s back saying she can’t leave.

Someone else changing their mind this week was Roy when he decided against selling the café. A cheer went up from our sofa. 

Also making life-changing decisions this week was Johnny Connor. First off he decides he’s retiring from the factory and he makes a big announcement to this effect. Then he decides he’s not retiring after all.  Then he dumps Jenny after he confides in Jenny that Aidan is seeing someone else. Not only does Jenny wrongly assume the other person is Alya, but she revels in breaking the news to Eva, who storms round to their flat where Alya is in their bedroom looking for the cat and Aidan is freshening up sans shirt in the bathroom. Eva throws a wobbly but has to apologise when Aidan tells her there’s nowt going on between him and Alya. 

Johnny’s incensed that Jenny caused such a split in his family and throws her out of the flat on her ear calling her vicious. Aidan says she’s poisonous. Worse is to come for Jenny when Johnny sacks her after Gemma gets the two of them together in the Bistro to talk and Johnny thinks Jenny has arranged the meeting herself.  But later in the factory, after Gemma pleads Jenny’s case to Johnny. “I know she’s a head case but she really loves yer!”, Johnny mellows towards Jenny. In fact he mellows so much that he proposes on the factory floor.

This was such a brilliant scene. Johnny gets down on one knee to pick up something Jenny’s dropped and you can see him thinking ‘While I’m down here, shall I pop the question?’ and you’re thinking to yourself as a fan ‘He wouldn’t be so daft, would he?’ and then you can see him thinking to himself again ‘Nah, I wouldn’t be that daft, would I?’ but he does… he proposes to Jenny flaming Bradley and of course she says yes. There’s champagne corks flying in the factory and again in the Rovers as Jenny looks set to become Jenny flaming Connor.  “I was playing putrid!” Gemma says in the Rovers later as she toasts the happy couple. “Cupid!” Rita corrects her. Oh, I do hope we get to see Rita play the mother of the bride and Gemma as bridesmaid.

Elsewhere this week Shona gets her feet under the table at Eileen’s house when she moves in. Billy also gets Shona a job in the café. I don’t like this storyline, it feels forced so far. We had it with Becky – bad girl makes good, put her with Roy, working in the café. I’m not liking this one so far.
Adam and Peter Barlow take it upon themselves this week to fight Aidan Connor for what they see as being their share of the factory. Lest we forget, Peter gave his shares back to Carla and Adam walked away from his share too. Neither of them have any legal claim to Underworld but it’s enough to rattle Aidan Connor for now.
And finally this week, Zeedan wants a baby, Yasmeen wants a grandchild and Rana wants them both to leave her well alone.

And that’s just about that for this week.
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Humpty Dumpty said...

Talking of clunky, why couldn't Simon or Toyah have said that the cigarettes belonged to Peter and he'd popped round for some reason? In any case, Leanne knows Peter and his habits. He's probably smoked the same cigarettes for years so she would have known they were his.

Anonymous said...

And what is worse is the way that Simon reacted to being blamed for the cigarettes. The writers shouldn't treat him like a 8 or 9 yr old child. Surely a young lad his age would get mad and storm off, not end up crying like a baby in the ginnel and then telling all to Eva.
The other point that caught my attention was: who the heck was sitting behind Michelle in Roy's with that pink monstrosity of a parka on?? Looked ridiculous compared to everybody else in the caf and all you could see was fake pink fur, lots of it.

Maricha said...

That's true enough, why couldn't it be a pack Peter left during a visit with Simon?

Anonymous said...

Also not enjoying Shona being shoe-horned into the Street as the ex-vicar's "project". Unappealing character, unappealing situation.

Rapunzel said...

Im a bit confused about the Battersby connections. I had thought that Janice and Les each had a daughter when they met, and they blended families. So although Leanne and Toyah were raised as sisters, they have no blood ties. Unlike Leanne and Eva who are half sisters via Mum, Stella.

But have I got that wrong? Did Les and Janice have Toyah together?

Anonymous said...

Oh no..don't let Simon grow up or anything. Also, I find Bethany not plausible as a 16 year old. The actress looks too old IMO.

njblas said...

Rapunzel is right. Toyah and Leanne have no shared parentage, so are step-sisters, not half-sisters. Eva and Leanne are half-sisters.

Rossie said...

Simon is very young for his age because of the difficult life he has had up to now. The only constant in his life is Leanne, and he hates lying to her ad disappointing her, especially after what he's put her through in the past.

Anonymous said...

Who has baby showers these days? I thought they were only in naff Hollywood comedies

Anonymous said...

Actually in North America baby showers have evolved from women only baby showers to couples baby showers. Couples celebrate with both parents of the baby-to-be. They still play the craziest party games so that much hasn't changed.

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