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Saturday 28 January 2017

Top five current Coronation Street gems

You know how there are certain Coronation Street characters that you take a shine to?  Well, here are my top five current ones that I can't seem to get enough of right now. Every time they come on screen they lit up the telly box and I want to see them more.

First off is Freddie, above.  I would love to see more of him and Audrey together. Perhaps he could be the one to move into this empty property on Corrie?

I've already sung the praises of Daniel and the actor who plays him.  I feel there's more to him, still, than meets the eye. Is he going to go head to head with Adam over Ken's will, I wonder? Will we see more of Daniel's steely side?

We're coming up to almost two years of having Billy the vicar on Coronation Street. What's not to like? He's luvverly.
Amy Barlow is a little gem and we need to see her more. Give her a proper storyline, Corrie, instead of just wheeling her in to deliver a Blanche-like one-liner and then leave the room.

And finally, I'm warming to Luke. It's taken a very long time for me to like Luke but I finally do.  And as much as I hate to say it, his relationship with Tracy could be one to watch too. Might he be the making of Ms Barlow, I wonder?

Who are your top 5 current Corrie gems, the ones you'd like to see more of?

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Anonymous said...

I remember when Deirdre and Ray Langton first worked together in the builders yard all those years ago, they couldn't stand one another for ages, but in the end it was masking a real love story.

Likewise, I think Luke really brings a better side out in Tracy and I believe theirs could be a true, lasting love. I hope so anyway. I much prefer a kinder Tracy to a spiteful, vindictive one.

Tvor said...

Daniel is growing on me, i love his quiet strength in the face of Adam's constant disdain (and his glee that Adam was bested by Alya and the Connors this week!), the confidence he seems to have which probably comes from having to bring himself up alone. he seems so happy in an understated way to have family around him finally, that he doesn't have to be alone. I think he could go far.

I love Gemma, she's a Gem, just as her name implies. Her character's personality is being fleshed out and it looks like she's there to stay for a while. i like that she's eager to make something of herself even if she's not quite sure how to go about it. She's fiercely loyal. She's pragmatic and willing and generally always sees the cheerful side of things.

I'm enjoying Bethany who has also grown on me. The actor is playing the 16 year old just right, with that teenage insistence that they are grown up and can handle themselves to the vulnerability of a kid. She's had an unusual life for a child and her family is a train wreck a lot of the time. She's already gone off the rails and due for more while her family is preoccupied with their own crises. Yet again, she will have to deal with things without the support she should have all the time, not just when things blow up and she gets in trouble.

I really dislike Brian but he's a love to hate character. Peter Gunn is superb and throws all kinds of little touches into Brian's pomposity. He can have a very good heart and he is loyal to friends like Roy and Ken but he's also very self serving and selfish.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid to name my faves, because of Steph. Do you remember when posters far and wide said she was a new "fave character". Now look what has happened! Anyways, I am not going to jinx my new besties by naming them, but I will say that my list is not dissimilar to yours.

Maricha said...

I agree with the list aside from Billy. I've just never warmed to the character and the tacky way he handled his break up with Sean just confirmed my low opinion. Well, that and being a vicar but not seeing through Todd's amorality.

Anonymous said...

I was looking forward to Freddie moving in with Luke now that Steph & Andy have left (sob big time) but after seeing Luke & Tracy together on Friday's eps, it just may work. Perhaps Tracy and Amy will move in with Luke and they could be a proper family. I still think Maria's flat should be for Liam, Kirk & Beth, although if Sinead leaves Chesney then I guess there may be room there. Golly this seems like so much confusion and playing musical chairs.

Unknown said...

Jenny, Daniel, Bethany, Gemma and Norris.

coconno196 said...

Although I'd like Luke to have a good influence on Tracy, there's no sign of it yet. She claimed to be "opening up" about her spell in prison, but dished out the usual lies,that she'd killed her abusive partner in self defence (when actually she just wanted to inherit his house), and also that she was released after being cleared of all charges, whereas the truth was that forensic evidence was discredited, rendering her conviction "unsafe". So she was released on a technicality, she was never declared not guilty.

Anonymous said...

My favourite characters are the ones that most people hate. Sarah, Tracy, Leanne, Peter and David. But really, I adore all of the Platt's and the Barlow's.

Maricha said...

She stood to inherit his property? Then why didn't she get it when her conviction was overturned?
I always thought she killed him out of jealousy but doing it out of greed makes more sense with Tracy.

coconno196 said...

Jealousy was a factor because Charlie was unfaithful, but I think Tracy told someone that she had a right to the house, as she was Charlie's partner. Though I doubt he saw it that way, or even if he made a will.

J.T. Brock said...

I am liking Bethany, Freddie, Michelle, Daniel and Aidan. Those are my top 5 currently. It might change next week. These people are all fine actors who really bring something to their roles. I enjoy watching them whenever they come on the screen.

Humpty Dumpty said...

At the time of Tracy's get-out-of-jail return, I was prepared to suspend my disbelief. Since then, the show has gone on about how soap baddies must get their comeuppance. They don't so I've lost all interest in Corrie's panto villains. My gems are: Amy, Daniel, Freddie, Faye, Peter. Going by that list, Freddie has to hook up with the Barlows if he wants to stay as he and Audrey are going nowhere.

Maricha said...

Thanks for the info. After reading your comment I did recall there was something about her wanting some property he had. You have an excellent memory.

Anonymous said...

5 faves - ken,audrey,rita,roy and norris = oldies are the only reason to watch now :)


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