Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Andy and Steph to leave Weatherfield next week?

Next week on Coronation Street, the preview pictures show Steph at an airport.

And the previews tell us that Andy is forced into torching Kev's garage at the behest of Pat Phelan.  You can see the pics and read more on that here.

After the garage goes up in flames, Andy and Steph plan to do a runner from Weatherfield and Andy promises Steph that he'll meet her at the airport. As Steph waits for Andy at the airport, she confides in Luke that their relationship has been under a lot of strain recently and she wouldn't be surprised if Andy didn't show up.

Back on the street, meanwhile, Andy makes to leave but Phelan fights back, will he prove too strong for Andy? Will Steph & Andy escape Weatherfield? 

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Zagg said...

What a ridiculous storyline. I never liked Andy from the start. His lies and conniving told us that he was really not the nice guy that everyone wanted to believe. But this is too much. What a crappy way for Steph to leave. And why is she leaving? Was she let go? Or did she request to leave? What a shame in any event.

Anonymous said...

Neither Andy nor Steph have really been involved in any major storylines lately so I don't blame them for leaving. It must be awfully frustrating for an actor to sit around all day on the set, only to be involved in a 1 or 2 minute scene. With all the new people being brought on there aren't enough storylines to go around for everyone. Next to go will probably be Luke.

Maricha said...

I agree, next to go will probably be Luke and possibly Chesney. The show has brought on new young men after leaving those two without anything to do in ages.

Anonymous said...

Can someone remind me, what did Kevin do to Phelan to warrant this level of personal attack?

coconno196 said...

Nothing! But Kevin is Anna's boyfriend, so it's another way for Phelan to make Anna suffer?

Anonymous said...

K Bye. So done with Andy, now.

Anonymous said...

Run Andy and Steрh Run!!

Anonymous said...

I always liked Andy and especially Steph, but I feel like they got brought in then forgotten about except as scene-fillers. My theory: they'll pad out and pad out the extended families (Barlows, Connors, Platts, Websters, McDonalds etc.) and focus on them, and the characters who aren't firmly attached to one of the golden families get reduced to background noise. Even that whole Tyrone/Fiz/Kirk/ etc axis has gotten short shrift lately. Thus they;ll bring Adam back for no good reason and shove the spares (Steph, Andy, etc.) further into the shadows unless they are fleetingly needed to bring someone a drink or make a passing comment.

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