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Saturday 14 January 2017

Corrie weekly update – heartbreak, fat pants and staple wars

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Greetings and welcome to another week of words from Weatherfield. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

This week has been one of the most harrowing to watch as Michelle went into early labour and lost her baby. She started having pains during the baby shower for her and Leanne in the Rovers. As Michelle cheerfully helped decorate the pub for the baby shower, she pulled out of the decoration box a string of words that had, at some point, read CONGRATULATIONS. Now it’s so old and tatty with letters missing that it just reads ONGATITIS – and we’ve seen this on Corrie before, a lovely comic touch. Audrey gets drunk at the baby shower, having to down a shot every time the word ‘baby’ was mentioned and a stripper arrived, stripping down to reveal he was wearing a nappy. It almost put me off my hotpot. These lovely comic touches… all before the drama and the horror of what was to come.

Rushed to hospital, Michelle goes into labour at only 23 weeks and when her baby boy is born he isn’t breathing. Under the hospital rules, there can be no birth or death certificate issued for the baby boy that Steve and Michelle had named Ruari. It would take a Corrie fan with a heart of stone not to have been moved by the hospital scenes, and again later when Michelle breaks down in the back room of the Rovers. Liz and Steve do their best to support Michelle but only Liz has a notion of what Michelle is going through, having lost baby Katy many years ago.

To contrast with the drama of Michelle and Steve, Corrie does what it does so perfectly. We had laughs from Kev and Tyrone fighting over a stapler and then making up in the Rovers. And we had villainy from Pat Phelan when he gets Andy to take delivery of Kev Webster’s new truck. Kev assumes, wrongly, that either Tyrone, Luke of Freddie has nicked his truck off him and can’t understand what’s going on. In an effort to convince Kevin that his workforce wouldn’t rip him off, Freddie installs CCTV in the garage linked to Kev’s laptop.

We also had some wonderful, powerful scenes from Eva when she tells Toyah that she knows all about her relationship with Peter. This is news that throws Toyah and she begs Eva to keep the news from Leanne as she’s in a fragile state with her pregnancy and all. Fluffy, pink and cuddly Eva then, once again, reveals the rod of iron that runs through her pretty little head and blackmails Toyah. She tells Toyah that she’ll keep quiet about her fling with Peter as long as Toyah gets Peter to stop his crazy claim for Underworld.

Over at Victoria Court gym, the bailiffs move in to recover possessions against Sharif’s debt that he left them all with. I’m not sure the gym worked for me as a location in Corrie, so I do hope we might see the last of it and something else might just take its place.

And finally this week, Bethany makes a new friend in Nathan who runs a tanning salon. So far, he’s being nice to her, all friendly-like and warm, but there’s danger ahead as he is going to turn out to be a sexual predator, grooming the young girl. Run, Bethany, run.

And that’s just about that for this week.
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Anonymous said...

Originally the gym was a great idea, at least another place for the residents to meet up with and provide a change of venue. I didn't quite understand how Sharif was able to borrow $14,000. from the gym account to buy the machine for Alya - heck if the gym was that lucrative I would imagine there would be one on every corner. So best to let it go, especially since nobody seems to work there anymore. Not Dev, Zeedan, Gary. Didn't somebody take Gail's part time job there? Don't remember who but obviously we don't see them there either.

Jan said...

So, so fed up of seeing Phelan loitering round and smirking, I have to fast forward his scenes as I can't bear to watch them which rather upsets my enjoyment of the rest of the programme. ( Though I do realise enjoyment is not quite the right word for the superbly dramatic scenes with Michelle and Steve.)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jan about Phelan. The actor is wonderful, but Corrie is often guilty of over-doing what could be a good thing. It seems the writers or storyliners just don't know when to stop a story. Have they never heard of the maxim, "Always leave them begging for more"? It would be so much more powerful if Corrie didn't flog stories to death. There must be happy medium somewhere between the Callum, Caz or Phelan stories (oh my God, please let them be over!) - - - and Mary finding her son, deciding to move to South Africa and then deciding not to, all in the space of 2 episodes.

Louby said...

I also agree about Phelan! I think the actor is brilliant but I can't stand these scenes with him and Andy. Get it over with, please!

On the plus side, I'm hoping for a bright future for Daniel, with or without Sinead. He's my favorite new character for a very long time.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Even the excellent Connor McIntyre can't make Phelan believable. Okay, he works if you don't think too hard about it and just enjoy panto villains. After all, some people thought evil Tracy was hilarious. Don't get that but each to their own. The Tracy/Charlie storyline ignored soap law and ruined the role of resident villain on the Street. If they go too far, and don't get their come-uppance, they become tiresome. Also, the point made by Anonymous above is so true. The writers milk some characters till we're sick of them.

Anonymous said...

They are overdoing it with Phelan, yes.

What's probably going to happen is that Andy will set fire to the garage, only to head towards the door and find it blocked from the outside. Meanwhile Phelan is right on the other side of the door, in mustache-twirling villainy, and will say something like "I told you that I see things through" and leave him to die. Which he will, leaving (of course) no evidence towards Phelan so they can keep dragging on this story-line for months.

Ancient corrier said...

Well I've had more than enough of Phelan, added to that the tragic stories lately, Anna being burnt, Michelle's miscarriage and all the misery, for the first time in 56 YEARS- I switched off.


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