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Friday 20 January 2017

Coronation Street Weds 18th January episode review

Hiya! It’s just Jordan with this week’s Wednesday review. A belated Happy New Year to you all; I have just managed to emerge from the pile of essays I’ve had to write this month.

Following Monday’s episode of Devastation Street, Wednesday started with Kevin looking on at his burnt-out garage and Steph is searching for flights to Portugal in order to sage a getaway following the revelation that Andy has been caught up in a bit of pantomime blackmail with Phelan. As we saw in Monday’s episode, Andy succumbed to Phelan’s demands yet again and became an arsonist. This plan was all wrapped up tightly by Phelan, who had spiked Kevin’s drink in the Bistro and dragged the forcibly inebriated mechanic into the garage and stuffed him into the backseat of a car. Even by Corrie’s standards, this was ridiculous. But as we are all loyal suspenders of disbelief, we go along with it yet again. Steph has miraculously secured herself an Andy jobs at a cocktail bar with her friend Katy (remember her?) and Luke is stunned to hear that they are leaving on Friday. He even buys her lame excuse that they’ve spoken about it for ages and just haven’t said anything. It is only when Luke jokingly asks if they need a mechanic in a cocktail bar that Andy begins to realise what he has done. Kevin’s business hangs in the balance and as such, Luke’s job. To cut a long story short, the fire is treated as an arson attack and Kevin is soon arrested on suspicion of starting it.

Moving onto the much-anticipated miscarriage storyline, in Wednesday’s episode the spotlight was finally turned on Steve. Michelle has been caterwauling her way through the past few episodes (and rightly so, after suffering such a cruel twist of fate) but it was a breath of fresh air to see how dad Steve is feeling. A heart-to-heart with old friend Peter leads Steve to revealing that he is the father of Leanne’s baby. Their mutual dislike of “Super Step-Dad” Nick amusingly caused the two to bond and Peter  If you can remember back in 2014 when Peter confided in Steve that he was having an affair with Tina, the  scene in Wednesday’s episode had the same sort of quality.  I enjoyed the scene with Peter and Steve far more than any of Michelle’s crying scenes. It will be interesting to see where this storyline goes now that only Leanne will be having a baby.

Elsewhere, Sally has had the common sense to inform her daughters that their dad’s garage went up in flames, despite their absence from the Street at present. However, in order to initiate a conversation with husband Tim, the talking ban must be lifted. The talking ban that Tim has imposed in retaliation to Sally’s sex ban. The ban is soon lifted though, on the condition that the pair find a new hobby – a different kind – to do together. As well as all this, that tramp who they are trying to make into the new Becky (it will never work) has started her new job at the caf√©, complete with eye rolls and folded arms. She’s up to something, I’m sure. Oh, and Eileen got stupider, yet again. I’ve got a Phelan that she may think she’s getting married in the morning but I doubt the bells are gonna chime!

A decent episode, I guess. Nothing too special. I hate to admit it, but watching Corrie has become a chore. The Phelan/Andy blackmail storyline has gone beyond madness and I am not overly keen on the miscarriage storyline. Corrie is trying to change the way people think -  again. I do not look at the storyline with rose tinted glasses and see that Michelle suffered such an awful injustice because she was just shy of the 24 week point. She suffered a tragic loss and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone – but unfortunately limits and cut off points are there for a reason. As harsh as it may seem, some things just happen.

As always, thanks for reading!


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Karen said...

I've decided to take a break from Corrie for a few weeks. These story lines are just not holding me. There is so much doom and gloom. We rarely get a laugh at crazy antics on the cobbles these days.

CK said...

I was horrified at what happened to Andy! I wasn't expecting that at all. WHY would Steph leave for the airport after Luke blabbed to Phelan that they were off to Portugal but Andy is still in the flat alone? And why would Steph just believe that text after all she gave up for him? And why is Luke all of a sudden Pat's best friend who feels the urge to tell him everything like the CCTV cameras pick up sound and the footage goes right to Kev's laptop? Urgh!

Anonymous said...

I am watching Eastenders only now....Corrie has indeed become a chore to watch. Everything about this show is like a tired, overly kneaded dough that isn't going to be made into anything worth partaking in....

Humpty Dumpty said...

I've been giving Corrie a miss recently. It was the Phelan/Andy storyline that made me walk away. It's been a curious mix of stupidity and violence. I chose not to shout at the screen but to keep an eye on this blog. It's meant that I've missed Michelle and Steve's storyline but I'm okay with that. If it changes the law on birth certificates, it will be a job well done but there has been little respite from gloom on the Street. It looks like we're in for more. Isn't it possible that the sadness of one household would have even more impact if life was going brilliantly for others? I'll get back into Corrie when Phelan leaves. As far as I'm concerned, he doesn't even need his comeuppance; he just needs to leave.

Ancient corrier said...

I've been watching for 56 years! All I do now is mute or switch off, my lovely Corrie has finally hit the rocks.
I won't be watching either until Phelan has gone.

Beth said...

Too much violence. Fist with Anna being burned so vividly and now Phelan killing Michael and last night knocking Andy out with the laptop. I'm giving it a swerve until hopefully Phelan gets his comeuppance or just leaves. Whoever decided to renew his contract after the flats and extent his time on the street just egged the pudding a little too much.

I'll gladly dip in and out via this fab site but bye Corrie for the time being until then.

CK said...

I completely agree, I'm off Corrie for a while.

Anonymous said...

Well all I can say is "YES, YES, YES" I'm not the only one who finds Corrie totally grim & miserable at this moment. I can't fathom why they are trying so hard to ruin our favourite show and frankly, at this point, I just give up. TPTB maybe patting themselves on the back, but I think they may be changing their tune pretty quickly when the final viewer numbers and award shows come out. Maybe then they will realize how far off course they have veered. It's time for them to zig back.

Anonymous said...

What a depressing story. Michelle and Steve's baby trauma has been distressing but, sadly, these things happen, and the actors themselves have been through it. It's the sort of real life tragedy Corrie does well. The Phelan plot is simply sour and unpleasant. Andy and Steph have been a likeable, mostly decent couple but their story has ended in a sick and twisted way with Steph's heart broken and Andy murdered. Now they've both gone there is no hope of redemption. It's cheap and sensationalist and not why I watch the show. Connor McIntyre is flawless but the story is misjudged. There's enough misery in the world, I want escapism, not depressing, sadistic viewing like this.

And why write out Oliver Farnsworth and Tish Merry, two of the better young actors in the cast, while hanging on to Jennie McAlpine and Sam Aston who couldn't act their way out of a paper bag? Poor judgement.

Tom said...

Everybody lauded Kate Oates when she came to Corrie but I think she has begun to ruin it.

Maricha said...

Lately, I notice that my mind wanders or I switch the channel during Corrie and forget to get back to it before it ends.
It's not just the sadness of it all:the pacing is all wrong. Phelan's story is dragging on and on but Mary's baby story was wrapped up in days and Johnny and Jenny's quarrel leading up to his proposal took up all of 15 minutes of airtime. Why do the writers think we'd be more interested in seeing Phelan smirk for the thousandth time than learn more about Mary and her son's relationship going forward?

Flo said...

As I watched Phelan hit Andy with that laptop, I was disgusted. Why do we have to resort to murder after murder in order to write a character out? Weatherfield must be the most dangerous place on the planet to live! I'm with most everyone here in feeling that perhaps it's time to take a break from Corrie. The writing is all over the place, continuity means nothing and they seem hell bent on just bringing in new characters all the time instead of working with the talent they have.

And yes Maricha, what happened to Mary's story??? Is that all we are going to get??? Talk about a build up, only to drop it like a hot potato.


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