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Monday 23 January 2017

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 23rd January

Michelle has started to lactate, which further increases her mourning and horror. She gets dolled up for a lunch with Steve and orders a bottle of red wine, for herself. "It's not like I'm breast-feeding or owt," she says sarcastically. She's read that anger is a natural reaction and she's letting it all out. In an upsetting scene, she toasts "my dead son" and tells the assembled crowd that she had to give birth to her "sleeping son". Given that Steve suffers from depression, it feels like he should spot the signs in Michelle; this isn't just grieving and loss. She ends up on the edge, quite literally, as she teeters on the brink of the viaduct. Steve organises a search party, but it's Robert who finds her, in the depths of suicidal despair. "I don't think I can live without him being alive" she tells Robert who tells her she can keep him alive - in her heart. She leans in for a kiss, which he, ever gentlemenly, rejects and instead walks with her to the chapel of rest so she can be near Ruairi, where she realises that she was wrong to push Steve away.

Cathy's middle name isn't Donna but she's keen on working at the kebab shop. Gemma stops reading about "My Vajazzle Hell" in her mag long enough to give Cathy a job, without Dev's, or even Chesney's consent. Her training session is brief but informative: "Here's the meat. Here's the salad", but Dev's not pleased with Gemma's initiative and sacks Cathy before she's constructed her second kebab, before reneging and offering Cathy some hours in his retail empire much to her, and Brian's, pleasure.

Tommy Orpington is on the mend and is having a VIP training session at Weatherfield County with local lads, including Simon, who unfortunately can't take part because the latest of Peter and Nick's spats ends up with Simon's hand trapped in a car door, which at least seems to bring the two grown men to their senses.

Norris and Sean (Sorris? Nean?) are getting on well as roomies, but Brian has drunk all the milk, eaten all the bread and spent 23 minutes in the shower. Thus, Sean is stress-carb-eating and is further miffed when Eileen reveals that she and evil Phelan got wed without telling him. Eileen's loving hubby fails to come to lunch with Sean as he is flooding the carpet in the flat to get rid of any evidence of Andy's demise. It's unclear as to whether Phelan is waking up in the middle of the night shocked and scared because he's murdered a man, or because he's just remembered he married Eileen. Meanwhile, Brian, after being chewed out by Sorris and hearing from Shona that Roy is lonely, eyes up Roy's spare room.

And finally, Ken has a DNR order in case of another stroke, which causes consternation in his family, or at least the ones who've turned up since his illness.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Simon. He'll be a druggie before long - what with that family of his being such a bunch of losers.

Anonymous said...

While it may sound crass, I couldn't help thinking last night whenever Michelle sobbed about "her son" why does she never have contact with "her son Ryan" the young lad who left for parts unknown to be a DJ, who really isn't her son because he was switched at birth with another young boy who didn't accept Michelle as his mother. Now how's that for mixed up history that seems to have been completely whisked away in a blink of an eye?

Anonymous said...

Not crass at all, you weren't the only one thinking that. I believe they gave Ryan a passing mention recently, didn't he send a teddy bear for the baby? And another thing, surely to God Michelle's Mum would have come over from Ireland by now, as her daughter is in such distress?? Even with a new head, it would be better than no appearance.

Louby said...

Totally agree, you wouldn't not visit your grieving daughter would you? Totally ridiculous on their part.

Louby said...

Brian, who's 50 something and has a good job with the council - can't afford his own flat, so has to lodge with people?

I did like Ken's speech about being remembered for the life he had lived, very deep and meaningful in amongst all the nonsense.


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