Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Leanne finds out about Peter and Toyah

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. Leanne is going to find out next week that her sister Toyah has been seeing her ex-husband Peter.

Inside Soap magazine tell us this week that Leanne walks in on Toyah and Peter getting fruity in her kitchen. And Leanne's reaction isn't that she's jealous over her sister seeing Peter, but that she's concerned that Peter isn't good enough for Toyah.  Well, she knows what he's like.

Also next week, Toyah's husband arrives and tells her he wants to try IVF again for a baby.  When Peter finds out how much Toyah wants to be a mum, he handles it the only way he knows how and goes out and finds a woman - and we've seen those preview pictures already.

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Pat said...

I was hoping that Peter had changed and had become more responsible. Or is that too boring for the writers?

Anonymous said...

The problem with boring is we forget about them when they are not on-screen. Such as Sophie Webster.

Lee said...

I don't find the improved Peter to be boring at all. I will find it boring if he starts drinking again. I like him as the responsible eldest sibling in the Barlow clan. I hope they don't drag him down too much.

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