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Tuesday 31 January 2017

Sisters Reunited: Brooke Vincent reveals her part in Helen Flanagan's return to Corrie

During last week's Weatherfield visit Stevie Dawson sat down with a cup of tea and some sandwiches in the Rovers with Brooke Vincent, who is returning to Coronation Street after a short stint in the theatre. Here's what she had to share:

Can you talk us through how Sophie returns?
It’s quite a funny scene actually, she gets out of the car and says hello to everybody and they see all these cases in the road, and then Rosie appears. So I bring her back with me. It’s a surprise for everybody else.

What’s it like having Helen Flanagan back?
It’s good, we’ve been messing about! Even though I was only away for a short time it’s nice to come back with somebody and me and Helen have obviously known each other for a very long time, she’s great, she’s good to have back. We are a bit like how our characters are written, we are very different.

Did you two stay in touch when she was away and what was your reaction when she said she’s coming back?
Well we stayed in touch but we didn’t get chance to see each other very often. As for coming back, I kind of had a conversation with her before I was leaving and she said I’d love to come back so I kind of told Kate (Oates) and then that was the last I heard of it. Then she rang me and I’d heard something so I asked her if she was coming back and she said yes darling Kate rang me and I was like oh that’s good then!

Kevin’s going through a bit of a tough patch at the moment with the garage but the Websters have always seemed to stick together. And Tim hasn’t met Rosie yet, so what’s the new dynamic like and how will that continue?
It’s like my mum having this daughter and then she comes in like a whirlwind, and that’s basically what Rosie is. Tim obviously has Sally who’s completely different to Sophie who’s completely different to Rosie so I think – obviously Joe (Duttine) loves Helen but character-wise I don’t think they know yet where they stand. But it is funny to watch.

What does Helen Flanagan bring to the show, as a person?
I don’t know whether I’m going to describe this very well (everyone laughs) but we had a scene the other day, and because she’s funny, she’s flouncing about and she’s a very ditzy character, and you’ve got me and Sally and Kevin who can be quite serious, it gives it different levels. It’s what families are. I’ve missed having her around, we did grow up together. It’s really nice to see Helen really happy and settled.

We know that Rosie brings trouble with her, how does Sophie react when she realises there’s sh*t going on?
Sophie doesn’t suspect anything, and neither does Rosie. You can tell because of how different the characters are and how differently we react, that the same situation wouldn’t have happened if it was Sophie living in the US. Rosie was always going to be trouble, but she’s away with the faries so doesn’t realise how much trouble we are in.

Photo credit: Metro newspaper
What reason do they give for coming back?
I was always coming back and Rosie misses Weatherfield.

Rachel Newton: I think later we realise for Rosie that live isn’t what it’s cracked up to be and things haven’t really worked out that well.

Did you ever think about permanently leaving Corrie?
No. Because of doing it from such a young age, you see this as normal. When it came up for me to do a play, it was nice to be able to do that and come back. This is like my home. Hopefully in a few years I’ll maybe go and do it again.

Do you think doing live theatre has improved you as an actor?
You’d have to ask other people! It’s very different. What I learned is that I actually know quite a lot about TV work, which I never thought I did I thought I just breezed through life. I used to constantly change myself because of a camera being there, or adjust another person or stand in a certain way. So hopefully I am a bit better.

If you did want a change, what would be the first thing you would look at doing?
Ummm, well I really enjoyed radio, because I could be me. I had more input in it. (Brooke guest presented on Key103).

Rosie is probably going to dominate most of the storylines now you are back, do you know what’s coming up for you, in terms of relationships or do you have any inkling of any upcoming storylines?
No I’ve not seen Kate (Oates) yet but I’m quite happy just being with Helen for now. As much as se says I’m her safety blanket she’s kind of mine too. When we were growing up she took a lot of the brunt of fame and I learned from her. I’m not in a rush to say I want my character to be doing ‘this’.

Do you hope they re-explore the Sophie and Kate dynamics?
I didn’t mind that storyline. For me personally, I get very arsey about this, but I think because I’m lesbian in the show, not everything I do should be about being a lesbian. It doesn’t need to be written about every time I do a scene ‘oh she’s a lesbian’ we are moving forward as a generation and you want it to be normal, we’ve said it and that’s that. There’s more to people than their sexuality. Have I said all that correct? (Everyone laughs).

If Sophie leaves the garage, where would you like her to go?
Well we (Rosie and Sophie) start window cleaning. So we’re like the Chuckle Brothers. I stand there doing all the work, obviously. It’s funny so we’re obviously enjoying playing that.


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Anonymous said...

Good to know we have Brooke Vincent to thank for inflicting another round of Rosie on us! Let's hope they take their window cleaning business on the road.

Anonymous said...

Not looking forward to Rosie or Sophie's return, don't like either of them.

Anonymous said...

This could be рainful to watch - can they be рhelan's next victims, рlease???

Anonymous said...

Lynne from Ottawa -- Rosie could be another Tracy; she's devious enough for that.


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