Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Roy gets a new housemate in Coronation Street

Roy gets a new housemate next week in Coronation Street when Brian moves in with him!

It all starts when newcomer Shona tells Brian how worried she is about Roy and thinks that he's lonely.  Brian takes the news from Shona and decides to rebel against current landlord Norris as he's sick of Norris' petty house rules. 

Brian gets himself evicted from Norris' house and then turns up at Roy's cafe with his bags packed, all ready to move in.

Will Roy turn Brian away or let him move in?

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Tvor said...

Heh. The look on Roy's face in that photo pretty much says it all.

Anonymous said...

I would have been nice to see scenes of Norris irritating Brian (and Sean). A lost opportunity for comedy within all of the drama.

Stevie Dawson said...

Yes, more scenes behind those closed doors would be great

Anonymous said...

Lynne from Ottawa -- I haven't really seen the point of bringing Brian back. He's just an extra character that doesn't fit in anywhere or with anyone.

Jan said...

Find it odd that Shona is worried about Roy, she's only known him for 5 minutes. Also she never worried about David and all the other people she stole from at the bar.

Elaine Wayman said...

Are we supposed to warm to Shona? Cos I havent so far. I think shes on the make and dont trust her at all.

Elaine Wayman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Philip said...

Yes I agree with the previous poster. I didn't see the point in bringing back Brian. He left the first time because he didn't want kids with Julie, but then they brought him back when Katy Cavanagh wanted to exit, giving them a "Happily Ever After" ending. Then just a short time later, they bring him back unexpectedly, saying that he and Julie didn't last??? I like the actor, but kind of an odd choice to bring back.

Did he even share a lot of scenes with Roy during his first stint?

Maricha said...

I don't remember Brian having anything to do with Roy when he was last on the show. It's early in his storyline but I'm not sure what the point of bringing him back was unless it's to pair him with Cathy after things fell apart with her and Roy.

sweetmeat58 said...

Roy cannot stand Brian they have no history, two old men living together to what end? Please! Roy needs a woman ending the marriage was stupid, the real Roy character never would have let those two steer him off a decision already made. Marias brother and Brian talked him out of having a family,really? Now what will Roy do in his spare time?

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