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Monday 30 January 2017

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 30th January

Peter states his intentions of not having any more children and he and Toyah discuss "a future with no ties and no responsibilities". Or rather, he discusses it. Toyah is rather more keen on some baby-shaped ties and responsibilities. As coincidence would have it, today's the day that Liverpool's fertility clinic has contacted the ex-Mr Battersby to tell him that the time's up on their frozen embryos. Toyah is conflicted, wanting kids, but wanting them with Peter, but Toby tries to persuade her that they can still get pregnant, can still be together and they seem to seal it with a kiss. Until she tells him she loves Peter, that is, and signs away the embryos and goes off to drink mocktails with Eva and Leanne in a spa. Even more coincidentally, cabbie Peter picks up Toby, who recognises him and breaks the news that Toyah is desperate for a baby. Perhaps Toyah should spend some time with Steve: he can get women pregnant just by gurning at them.

Are we ever going to find out what happened to Toyah and Spider and that juice bar in Streatham?

Kev and Tyrone are still at loggerheads, about everything from not saying "No thanks" to a cup of tea, to the fact that Kevin had an affair with Molly eight years ago. Phelan further rubs sodium chloride into the garage-shaped wound by offering to do the renovations on the burnt out shell of Kev and Tyrone's relationship business and has a jolly little laugh at their expense when Kev bops Tyone on the nose when he insults Sophie. Worse is to come as the insurance fails to cough up as they suspect Kevin started the fire. Anna offers to go back to work, but Kev has a better idea: suing David Platt for causing Anna's injuries.

Ken details his post-hummus possessions that are up for grabs, to Adam, who is a solicitor, lest we forget. He finds out that he's going to receive a paperweight and a third of a quarter of Ken's estate, which as far as I can see is a house (that had to be remortgaged for Tracy's trial) and some falling down furniture. Not really enough to keep Adam in camel-hair coats and hair wax. Later, Adam and Todd discuss what they would do in their fictional legal firm, Black Sheep Solicitors.

Jenny is planning for a fabulous wedding, with our without Aidan as a pageboy, despite Johnny's eye-rolling and Kate's ignorance of the engagement. She's thinking about rose arches, pottery pigs and the moon on a stick for the nuptials, until Johnny rains on Jenny's parade with talk of wedding budgets and pre-nups.

Cathy and Yasmeen continue to bond over their relationship failures after Brian packs up Cathy's belongings from Roy's flat. I know Brian is a tactless oaf, but his teddy bear impression was very funny. Later, he apologises with a touching (funny) story about Julie flushing his home-made toy snake down the toilet and it does seem that TPTB are going to put Cathy and Brian together, just to cause ructions with Roy.

No Monday reviews for three weeks, I'm afraid, as I'm off on me holidays.

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Anonymous said...

I'm just so glad that we have Yasmeen who is the last decent caring person on the cobbles.

Anonymous said...

I don't like Brian Packham. There I've said it. I got shot down when I voiced my displeasure at his return. My opinion hasn't been changed on his return. He's still odious, selfish and lazy. I was hoping his return was only temporary, but he seems to have his feet firmly under Roy's table. Here's hoping he chooses to go soon

Humpty Dumpty said...

I don't like this version of Brian Packham either. Maybe it's a set-up for Brian and Cathy to get together. Might work but I'm not that keen on Cathy either. I am so, so disappointed in Toyah. The character is meant to be nervy and all of that but something's not quite right. It's almost as if Georgia hasn't got into her stride yet. There's very little chemistry between Toyah and Peter. Leanne and Peter have more chemistry in their scenes as a non-romantic couple.

Unknown said...

Did Ken just forget about Lawrence in his will?

Anonymous said...

Why would they bother putting Brian and Cathy together - why not just get rid of both of them since neither seem to add anything to the street. Just meaningless diversions. Like a filler in for dead air space.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a hilarious review.

Louby said...

Lawrence and son have gone into that black hole of forgotten characters along with Michelle's real son Alex.

Anonymous said...

Expect to see Denise Black back on the street soon, now that her character in Emmerdale has been killed off.

Will be interesting to see Daniel's reaction to his Mum's return.

Pat said...

I was surprised when Anna said "our debit card". She and Kevin have lived together for a matter of weeks, it seems strange they they would have a joint bank account so soon.

Maricha said...

It's creepy that Kevin who hasn't required Sally, Sophie's mother, to help out substantially with the hospital bill she racked up but he would take money Anna would get from suing David for her injuries. I agree that David should compensate Anna but since she is the one who was injured, is still in pain, lost wages and has a child to raise, why in the world would Kevin accept a penny from her even if she offered to help?
Frankly, what has he actually ever given her to see her tragedy as an opportunity to bail out his business?Even her own son didn't think of sponging off her to save his interest in the gym.
The writers keep making people on the street act out of character.Kevin was never like this.

C in Canada said...

Pat - it might just have been a turn of phrase. I haven't seen that episode yet, but I notice that people in the show say 'our' when they mean 'mine' quite a bit.

abbyk said...

I disagree with Ken's thinking. Forgetting Lawrence who is well off and has seemingly absented himself from Ken's life, if each of his kids were to receive one share and one additional share were split amongst his grands, there should have been a share for Susan's estate. I don't recall that he ever cut her out of his life. Yes, Adam, her only heir, would be the beneficiary but so will Simon and Amy of their parents. Also, the will should be amendable if Daniel has a child during Ken's lifetime (assuming Peter or Tracy wont have any more). And besides, I thought Ken and Deirdre mortgaged their lives away on Tracy's legal fees. It's a sad story but one so many families have to deal with.

The Black Sheep Law Firm should be interesting. Todd already seems to have regrets. How does he always manage to entangle himself with the bad'uns?

Anonymous said...

Maricha, Unfortunately Kevin is like that,when Sally's mum died,he wanted use her inheritance to buy Natalie's half of the garage and kept quet about his lottery winnings TO Sally until after the divorce was until Tyrone spilled the beans to Sally as revenge for Kevin sleeping with his wife.
Kevin only cares about Kevin and would use anyone he claims to love to get his way.

Maricha said...

Thank you! I read up on all that and it was an eye opener. The only thing I recalled about Sally and Kevin's past was when she chested on him with a car dealer so it seemed like tit for tat when he cheated on her but he's been a jerk very often in the past.


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