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Sunday 29 January 2017

Corrie Weekly Awards for Jan. 23 - 27

Grace under Pressure award: Wasn't Leanne kind to Liz? Alya helped Aidan and Johnny stitch up Adam. The whole job title argument and subsequent complaining was all part of the plan to suck him in.

Walking on Eggshells award: Everyone is walking on eggshells around Michelle because you don't know what kind of reaction you're going to get. She needs help and she needs it now.

Reality check award: Peter and Nick just couldn't stop ripping each other apart until Simon ended up hurt. Priorities, men. And Grow UP!

Determined award: Michelle had to climb up a tall circular staircase and then up over some sort of embankment, in heels, to get to the edge.

Nose out of Joint award: Nick who bought a Moses basket for Leanne on the same day Liz gave her the one she bought for Ruairi. Thus, it put our petty boy's nose out of joint.

Open mouth, change feet award: Fiz's off hand implication that Michelle was still young enough to have another baby really was a very embarassing faux pas even if it was unintentional.

Hoist by his own Petard award: Adam was forced to sign away his rights (again) to the factory for one pound! Love it! Ken was right, he was motivated by greed, not a true wish for his birthright. Nicks's grand plan to remove Leanne from the father of her baby and from Peter's influence backfired badly. And Peter's far more of a threat to Nick's insecure little life than anyone else could be.

Lines of the week:
Ken "I want to live, or be remembered as a man who lived"
Eileen "So far, being married sucks!" (you just wait! You certainly could have picked a better'un!)
Phelan "Deep down, I think I'm a good man. At least I hope I am" (Lies like a rug or is he really that delusional?)
Robert to Michelle "If you live, he can live" (oh well, why didn't you say so before now?)
Phelan to Luke "Some people are very convincing" (You're looking at one of them)
Adam to Alya "I don't bite, I just sue"
Amy to Tracy "You know, you're officially a cougar now"
Roy "Love doesn't allow for objective rationalization"
Tracy "This (birthday) is worse than my 30th" (Yes, getting convicted for murder would quality as the worst birthday ever, I think)
Nick to Toyah "This is happening whether you like it or not. So you can be part of the problem or part of the solution, it's your choice" (obviously realizing his decision is going to take some convincing)
Daniel to Adam, quite gleefully I might add "Let me get this straight. You got played by a woman!"
Luke to Tracy "I like you!" (and you know, that's a very important thing in a relationship)
Nick "I don't respond well to threats" Peter "Then consider this a promise" (Peter 1, Nick 0)

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PoidaPete said...

Nick was utterly horrible to Liz. It was an awkward situation, but he was vile and cruel.

Anonymous said...

Nick a pretty boy? A lot of things but pretty he aint.

Tvor said...

I actually said "petty" and that wasn't a typo, just a play on words. I think he thinks he's a pretty boy lol

Anonymous said...

What about Me? award to Steve,who's also grieving the loss of his son and gets thrown out by Michelle who has everyone walking on eggshells around her.
I don't mean to seem petty but I'm disappointed that the storyline is used as a ploy Michelle berating Steve scenes.

Batwoman said...

Haha..I am loving Peter Barlow and the jibes he gets in at Nick (lay off the caffeine nick)...makes me laugh even though I know Peter's a waster.
Why is the "flying Scotsman" (thanks Danny Baldwin) back? Right..DNR and Ken's will....geez...he had better not kill Ken!


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