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Tuesday 31 January 2017

Love is in the air! Katie McGlynn speaks to the Blog about life after Chesney

Stevie Dawson caught up with fellow Rochdalian Katie McGlynn inside Studio 1 at Coronation Street studios in Salford. She revealed some steamy upcoming scenes and the possibility of a new Ken and Deirdre...

We've seen things get rocky between Sinead and Chesney, what’s caused that?
They’ve been together a while now and they’re known to be like an old married couple. It’s getting very mundane and they are annoying each other.

Has she changed?
I think she’s developing as a young woman, and you do change. She’s becoming more independent, especially with the modelling, she’s just growing up and the relationship with Chesney doesn’t seem to be growing with her.

Mysterious, exotic, different, as Daniel described her, doesn’t sound like the Sinead we first met…
No. When she first came into it she was very quiet, she’s quirky which I love. She stands out from the crowd, not your average Coronation Street woman.

What’s it like switching love interests?
At first it was a bit odd, it was like ‘ooh it’s not Sam!’ but I’m enjoying working with Rob (Mallard) I think he’s brilliant. We really get on and it’s good to play a different relationship, it’s a lot more passionate, exciting. I’m still working with Sam (Aston) it’s just not very nice! I am going to miss him.

Does Sinead just dump Chesney then?
It’s not for Daniel, she’s felt like this for a long time. She’s teetered around it but she’s found it very difficult because she doesn’t want to upset him. But Daniel’s come alongside and just pushed her to that decision. She’s intrigued by Daniel, she finds his intellect very interesting. He sees her quirky qualities and how she’s very practical, he’s more bookish.

Were you excited to get more involved with the Barlow family?
Yeah I love being in the Tinker household, but it’s exciting to be able to work with a new family on the street. You don’t always get to do that. We haven’t filmed too many scenes with me and the Barlow apart from Adam Barlow. Sinead and Adam do not get on. Which I quite like. The relationship between Sinead and Daniel moves very fast, they move in together and Adam’s there and she just thinks he’s stupid and quite arrogant. She compares him to Daniel a lot. And Adam tells Chesney about Sinead and Daniel sleeping together, that’s why she doesn’t like him.

Are Sinead and Daniel in it for the long-haul?
I don’t know, I though Chesney and Sinead were in it for the long-haul, but you never know!

What did Sam say to you when he first read the scripts?
He was really sad, I was as well. It means we aren’t going to work together as much. He’s got a good partnership with Dolly who plays Gemma, it’s a good double act.

Is there going to be a complete change in your character or is she still going to be the crazy one and Daniel might be able to put up with it more?
Because it’s so new, it’s having to move really fast, I’m not sure what the hierarchy is going to be like but Sinead is just going to be herself. The way she reacts to Daniel might be a bit different, she might idolise him a bit more.

Explain the scenes where she sleeps with Daniel for the first time…
Basically, he keeps popping up (everyone laughs), he’s always there, he needs somewhere quiet to study and she’s doing overtime at Underworld, so she says you can come and work in the factory. You can feel the tension but nothing happens at first. He’s not very nice to her to begin with, there’s a scene in the caf√© where Adam winds him up about being a virgin, so he’s angry. Then after that he says he’s really sorry and it drives them both to just think ‘let’s ‘ave it’.

How passionate does it get?
It’s pretty passionate.

Are there any nerves about big name cast members coming back, in terms of screen time for the other characters?
I’m not fazed by it. Kate Oates knows what she wants, whoever comes in it doesn’t really make a difference to me. It’s a bit of reassurance with Daniel, it’s good to be linked to him.

What if Chesney and Gemma get together?
She’d be happy if he’s happy. Maybe a little upset at first but she’d just be happy if he’s happy.

How do you film those drunk scenes?
I don’t know I just do it. I always dread scenes like that because when you’re drunk you’re always trying to act sober, and that’s how you can tell when you’re acting. With the dancing that’s how I go out on a Saturday night!

Could you see Daniel and Sinead as the new Ken and Deirdre?
Yes it’s very possible that it could go that way. He is like a mini Ken. It just depends if they are still together.


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Anonymous said...

well it's obvious that they move in together so we don't have to wonder where this will lead. No surprises on that relationship.

Anonymous said...

As if intellectual Daniel would be remotely interested in brain-dead Sinead! Absolutely ridiculous!

And if the actor who plays Daniel is gay, why didn't they make the character gay, someone that Todd could make a play for?

Anonymous said...

Why would the actors sexuality have anything to do with the characters sexuality? The writers should change the characters sexuality, because the actor best suited for the role happens to be gay?
"Since we hired a gay actor, we will re-write Daniel as a gay man" ???
Makes no sense whatsoever, sorry Anon.

Anonymous said...

Bye Ches..nice knowin ya.

Laura said...

I often get frustrated with bed-hopping and the fact that no couple can manage to stay the course, but this time they've got it right. Sinead and Chesney have run out of steam (if they ever had any), and unfortunately I feel Chesney has too.

Since part of his reasoning for letting Katy take Joseph was that Sinead might never walk again, there's nothing now (other than Fiz and her family) keeping him in Weatherfield. Surely being close to his son would trump being close to his sister and nieces? It would make sense for him to want a fresh start in Portugal near his son.

Or I guess he could become the next Emily and babysit everyone else's children!!!

Maricha said...

We've seen enough of Todd's personal life, it would be a welcome change to have him work as a paralegal in a firm with Adam.
I also can't see a pairing with Daniel and Sinead being successful unless they completely change her. It's been mentioned that this is like Ken and Deirdre but we're in 2017 not 1987, it's rare for people with such different interests and life goals to get along for any length of time. A prime example of that is that she got bored with Chesney though they have more in common than she will with Daniel. Too bad Jason isn't around.

Maricha said...

It's hard to tell if Chesney has run out of steam or the writers just haven't thought of him, he's been seen, maybe, three times in the past 6 months. We've only seen more of Sinead because of Alya's project at the factory.
Can Brits still take off for other European countries at the drop of a hat after Brexit? I would think the return of Katy and Joseph would be more likely than Chesney leaving for Portugal.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Sinead was introduced as particularly stupid. In contrast to the rest of the Tinkers she was cast as the smart, conscientious, hard-working one (along with Craig). Plus, suggested to be artistic, imaginative, unconventional. But after she had been on the show for a while the writers started giving her these horrible "comedy" lines to pair her with Beth. Maybe now with Daniel she'll start to blossom, see the world in a bit more color, intensity, imagination. She has that side to her--as suggested by her love of beautiful vintage clothing and one of a kind artisanal crafts--she's just never had a chance to explore or value it--growing up with the Tinkers and then tied down to Chesney. jeanie

abbyk said...

I agree with the Sinead is not stupid crowd. She comes from a family where education was never valued and was likely never encouraged to pursue it. She's more like Roy, someone who will discover it on her own, perhaps with the help of an oddball friendship with Yasmeen (I can so see Sinead teaching a kiddy crafts class at the community center). She'll never be bookish but if they were the same, Dansin (?) would be boring. I didn't like the idea of their pairing at first but am warming to it.

Laura said...

That's a great idea to have Sinead involved with the community center!

Ancient corrier said...

I agree with you Jeanie. There could be much more to Sinead's character, if only the writers would let her develop.

Cobblestone said...

Personally, I'd take Sinead a step further - have Daniel encourage her to train as a primary or nursery school teacher.

Julie said...

What! Cobblestone. The writers don't like writing about people bettering themselves, they like writing about unplanned pregnancies, drugs and murder

Maricha said...

Considering what she's already interested in, I'd see her going into textile design or fashion design or fine arts.She's already proven her talent in that area and loved it enough to teach herself a lot.

Anonymous said...

I love all the suggestions about Sinead being more involved than just stitching knickers, but c'mon we all know that ain't gonna happen!!! When did anybody improve their lot on Corrie St. except for Sally, she became a councilor and even more of a snob.


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