Friday, 20 January 2017

Patsy Kensit on Coronation Street: "I'd die to do it"

Actress and singer Patsy Kensit has already had a stint in Emmerdale. And now she's starring in Tina & Bobby alongisde Michelle Keegan, who played Corrie's Tina McIntyre.

In an interview with the Mail online, Patsy reveals that she'd love to be in Coronation Street.

She says: ‘I’d love to do some theatre and I’d die to be on Coronation Street. I’d give my right arm for that, I’m such a fan. Michelle was in it of course, and we chatted about it a lot on the set and had a lot of laughs.  It was great to play a proper character-driven role and this is what I want to do from now on.’ 

I'd quite like to see her in Corrie, I really would.

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Anonymous said...

Whaaattt? Yikes ! Think she better 'ave a word' with Michelle Collins . Us northerners aren't big on on folk south of the Watford gap cramping our style - are we guys ?

Scott Willison said...

So long as she didn't try and do the accent.

coconno196 said...

"I'd die to be in Corrie". What a silly expression - if she died she wouldn't be in it! Terrible actress anyway, I was so glad when they finally wrote her out of Holby City.

Anonymous said...

She could come in and be lamрed over the head with a laрtoр - it's all the rage, don't you know? ;)

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